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Rip Off Warning: Publishers Clearing House, Clears your Wallet too.

One day, out of the blue from a sheer case of  'clouded head'   I thought it would be an okay thing to do to fill out a Publisher's Clearing House entry form.  Just maybe.....I  thought,  they would come knocking on my door with a big check.  What the #*##, was I thinking?

First of all, talk about stalking....
After I filled out the entry form.  PBC sent me an email.  Then another one...and another ...and another and another and another....Ad infinitum (pun intended).
Countless of emails stating I needed to complete something else, again and again and again.    This stalking was worse than the cowboy from Arizona who waited outside of job back in 1992 or the guy who waited at the end of my block with his car lights turned off waiting for me to come home...just in case I wanted to 'talk'.   

PBS will stalk you with emails each stating something else you must now do in order for you to be qualified.  
Each time you think your qualified, your not.

Each email completed, I thought I was finally 'done', the relationship over....Da-Dum...Da-Dum...Da-Dum-Da-Dum-Da-Dum.  ~ ~~ ^ ~ ~ in came the shark again, stating I wasn't finished with the entry process and contained about twenty products they wanted me to review, in order to finalize the form.   Publishers Clearing House has taken the art of contest entry into created it into an 'electronic advertising manipulation and trickery of consumer rip-offism to a whole new level.  Be careful as you look over the products that any boxes aren't already 'checked off' stating you just happen to want to purchase any of them. 
Simply put, it's best to  just stay out of the shark tank.

Oh brother...
Finally, I saw something I decided to purchase.  Oh, brother, really,.... what is wrong with me????   I fell again.   So, I  purchased one of their items which advertised as having a $4.75 or $4.95 shipping fee.   Okay, I thought, that's a reasonable shipping fee.
The order process was a few pages deep and when completed, I learned on the final page - the shipping was listed at seven something, not four something.  It's only a few dollars difference but it's the principle.  That's how they cheat, just a few dollars here and there.

Oh, good luck finding the customer service number. 
They don't place the number in large type on the main page, they want you to exhaust your time looking for the number to the point you just give up.  

They are counting on people saying to themselves, "Oh, it's only a few dollars, I can't find the number - I'll just forget it.

This is predatory selling.  Plain and simple.

I decided I would cancel anyway because of the false shipping amount advertised.  I didn't care how long it would take to find their number.  When I did find the number and called to cancel because I was so upset over the false advertising, they said they couldn't cancel the order because the item already shipped.   What bullshit is that?

This company is one big bullshit company.  The price they advertised for shipping was a lie then they say the item has already shipped so you can't cancel. 

Nothing disgusts me more than a thieving company.

Stealing $3 here and $3 there...
Industry:  Mail Order  Sales:  $250M - $500M yearly


You can read more consumer complaints about this Publisher's Clearing House company from the below link ~
DreamWizard DreamWizard 41-45, F 4 Responses Feb 12, 2011

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They're Full of Crap; 37 years latter and I haven't won a dam thing yet from these Ball Washing Bastards. Their Games are BS as well. you tell me how from 12:midnight when the count starts for highest token winner until 1:30 am someone can achieve a 198,840 token count that's an average of at least 5,000 tokens for every game played. If not more and I have pictures to prove they're CHEATS, 3 months worth if not more. I have Several months worth of pictures from the slot games and BJ and Bingo Games with NEVER a Winner. I'd tell you where you can shove all your games and your Prize Patrol but I'd be Censored. What surprises me is that a lot of others haven't caught that yet. Why do they have the BJ game or slots games if they're for display only. and the Bingo Game/ They can rub that on their chest. Everyone should be allowed to sell off their tokens at 2-5 cents each and cash them out. If you total all the time we dumb ***** give to PCH we would at least have made 250k in salary.

ummm, I play all the time so I know there is a link right at the bottom of the page below that continue button thing that says to see your total price click here or something. If you are too dumb to look down before clicking away that's your fault. I enter all the time and never had your problems. Oh and each e-mail is a separate entry and you just unsubscribe if you don't like it. The hidden phone number part is a joke, I checked it out and all you do is click on "Contact Us" cuz I had called for a tech problem. Seems pretty darn simple to me. Maybe just do things by postal service or something lol.

You are so quick to call me 'dumb' for not noticing something but you failed to notice the article was written almost 2.5 years ago Feb 2011 and perhaps, the company made some changes to their site since then. I mean, do you really believe I would just take the time to write about about something that appears to be so basic?

Anyone who has dealt with this company knows the real deal.

You sound more like their 'damage control' troll....

I wasted a year and a half of my time trying to win something...ANYTHING from PCH, but I'm all done now. Everything you said in your article is the truth. They also expect you to spend countless hours in a day playing their games, doing useless searches, and mailing crap out. When you're all done, they send you emails and letters telling you to act fast, or your prize will be forfeited or your account number will be terminated "due to inactivity." Inactivity? What an insult after investing all that time and money on their BS. Yesterday they gave the jackpot to someone who wasn't the least bit surprised or overjoyed. The big joke? It wasn't the 5 grand a week for life they were hyping for the last 6 weeks. It was less. I reported a scammer who was friending people on facebook for them, and I didn't get so much as a thank you. That's because they're legal scammers, and I urge other people not to waste all the time I did. You ask them questions and they don't answer. They get RUDE or ignore you altogether. It just makes me laugh that a bunch of con artists are complaining about others pretending to be them. I ask you this: What's the difference? At least the other con artists they complain about ask you for money up front.

I agree. PCH stated I had purchased a men's pajama bottom for $25.75. Number one, who is stupid enough to pay that much just for a pajama bottom when you can go to Wally World and get it for under $5.00? Number two, the ensuing attempt to communicate with them was a nightmare. I never received the so called pajama bottoms and repeatedly corresponded this to them. They insisted it was shipped. I checked with my post office, Fed-Ex, UPS, my neighbors. No one had any knowlege of these pajama bottoms. I kept getting billed and billed and finally PCH started tacking on "late fees" and threating me with a collection agency! How do you prove you didn't receive something? PCH obviously doesn't take your word for it. I finally paid over $30.00 for something I didn't receive just to get PCH off my back and to prevent them from trashing my credit rating. Be careful of this company. It's dangerous and they have the ability and resources to screw you over.

Wally World LMAO. Very funny post but also very informative - thank you for taking the time to write. Hopefully, your story helps to convince people not to get sucked into this vortex of a parasite company. I bet no one ordered those pj's... they probably just bill people then bully them to pay for something not received. We need a Consumer Protection Agency with bite on behalf of the American people