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I Hate Condoms Too!

However, there are situations & times when condoms should be used for safe sex!

This is a video of a New Zealander demonstrating uncircumcised condom application & use. It is meant to be an educational & informative video. Thought you would like to see it.
Spockk Spockk 66-70, M 10 Responses Jul 17, 2013

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Condoms hurt me I get so sore! I still use them even the sensitive an allergy ones hurt.

Condoms don't stay because my foreskin is unusually long but I have found that I was putting them on incorrectly from the video below.

This is a video of a New Zealander demonstrating uncircumcised condom application & use. It is meant to be an educational & informative video.

Cool ok

Thank you!

Thank you!! :)

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I hate condoms as a female as well. But in certain circumstances it's necessary.

I must agree with you 100%!

My gf has had a hysterectomy and we are monogamous so we don't use them as per her preference!

But, as you say, in some cases condoms are very necessary!

Thank you for your comment.

youre gonna have to learn to like them. condoms are bad enough but to get an std from not wearing a condom is WAY WORSE!!!!

I agree with you 100% but am in a relationship and we are monogamous. She has had a hysterectomy and prefers that we not use condoms.

ur so lucky. i wish there were less one day lasting relationships. i wish i could be in monogomous relationship but there's ppl tht break up with me one day later.

sorry if what i said didnt make sense

It made plenty of sense! That you for sharing with us and thank you for the comment!

oh you're welcome

You are such a sweetheart! I wish I could give you a great big hug right thru the screen! Lol


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Pretty good stuff. Direct to the point.

Do u dislike them because they feel weird or what?

It's like taking a shower with a raincoat on! Lol

Sometimes condoms are necessary but that doesn't mean I like them! Lol

Lol I agree. Dicks feel much better (Way better with the foreskin) without condoms.

I usually use pills and the work. I haven't had a baby yet. xD Well my little fluffy kitten is my baby! <3


Haha. No one likes them, but unless you are in a committed, monogamous relationship, one should be used EVERY SINGLE TIME. No one wants the herp!! My nieces are of the age where I know they are sexually active (early 20s) and I tell them all the time to make sure it's wrapped up! And NEVER rely on a man for it, they should always have some with them. They get embarrassed but, needless to say, I am their favorite aunt because they know they can always come to me with anything and I'll be there with an open mind. :) SAFE SEX KIDS!! Oh, and another thing I always tell them: If you do drugs, you will die.

You are an awesome aunt and your nieces are very fortunate to have you!

Thank you for the comment!

Ur telling them they can't get herpes without a condom lol well alrighty then but just to educate you a little u can contract herpes with a condom lol

there is nothing nicer than a warm wet ***** wrapped around a hard ****

I agree!

I would love to have me some of that ... oh boy what I could do with that ... mmmmm

Hope you get a chance to find out!

Did you get a little yet ?

Yes I did thank you!

**** feels better in my ***** WITHOUT a condom

And I bet your sweet ***** feels GREAT!!!!!!

I would love to suck that **** and have his **** fill my ***** and ***!!! I got horny just watching that

Awesome! I'm glad you like the video!