Me Too

me too , but i like the reasons for using them .

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6 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Do you think condoms would sell if they came in extra small?

Haha! Ed! That doesnt suprise me in the least! Lol! I think the person who designed them was having a laugh seeing if they could design something so tight and hideous to see just how desperate folks were to get laid!

They make wonderful balloons even though they taste awful and are difficult to tie. <br />
<br />
And has anyone ever unrolled one all the way to read the expiration date? When I used them, it took all I had to open the package.

yep , thats about the size of it .lol

I hate them too, so much so id rather do a little diy then use them! They do serve a good use though safe sex and all that, but as unhorny as hell! In the heat of the moment "let me just stop and fumble for 5 mins to squeeze my sausage into its overtight skin"

Agree totally...would prefer not to **** than rubber up before i go ploughing

LOL.... couldn't agree more! :D