Just Dull

I hate condoms with a passion. I'd rather be in a committed relationship in which I'm not afraid of STDs.

Condoms dull the sensations. I would much rather feel a bare penis than one with a rubber. Natural feels soooo much better!

honeybunch honeybunch
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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

As a male, I have always believed that sex with a condom is only a very few degrees away from just using the woman's vagina to ********** into. I mean, it might be really close to feeling like the same thing, but it's not actually the same thing.

Yeah I would love to be able to go condomless but I haven't found anyone yet that I can feel totally confident is monogamous with me. Hope to soon!

I agree with that - nothing beats bareback, and I love the feel of silky ***** skin in direct contact with my ****. However, one has to be careful in this day and age of nasty viruses - so condoms are a necessary part of life, if you are unsure of who has been ******* your partner.