Conflict ...

I step into a room all is quiet or there is just this energy that is toxic to everything in the area, that is how i know there was fighting or arguing there just recently. All my life my family has done nothing but argue amongst themselves. I really can't stand it, once the **** starts I just get this feeling in my stomach that I hate and it really forces me further into myself. I really can't understand why people would gleefully yell at one another trying to hurt them in the worst possible way. IF, and thats a big if, I ever have a family of my own I would ask the people that know me to punch my ******* face in if I ever acted the way my family does to each other. The end.
TheCheese TheCheese
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 9, 2007

I know how that conflict tension feels, even after it`s happened, and it makes everyone uncomfortable.