Not All Conflict

Ok, I've been thinking about this group ever since I joined it. I really don't like conflict; it's uncomfortable. But I can't say that I actually HATE it. Conflict is neccessary. As people are all different, with different views, beliefs and feelings, we are not all going to see eye-to-eye ALL the time. Therefore life is going to be full of conflict. So it's ok not to agree with someone on a point, and even to want to discuss or debate those points. Rationally debating differing views is healthy. Both sides may learn something and come away from the discussion wiser people.

The part about conflict that I don't like is the tention. I don't like that some conflicts get blown up into full-out "I hate you" wars. I don't like that some people use conflicts as an opportunity to name call and personality bash, if the other person doesn't agree with them. I've had some healthy discussions where the other person and I just couldn't see each other's point at all. We took turns voicing our opinions and listening to the other side. In some conflicts we even had to agree to disagree. This is when I truly don't mind conflict. But I am totally opposed to the conflicts where one or both sides are attacking each other personally all because of a difference of opinion. I hate when a conflict becomes a fight.

CagedRaven CagedRaven
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1 Response Aug 7, 2009

Some times you have to fight. Because it you do not have anything in this world you would stand & fight just might fall for anything. Conflict is a necessary living & growing...until mankind learns a positive respect & Love for itself and the total world we live in. Hugs, LW