Frustrated Cook

When I was living alone, I hardly ever cooked, if not when having people over. I'm happy with yogurt, fruit, a salad and a handful of nuts. Occasionally a little fish, without going too crazy. For my guests, I prepared banquets: sometimes it took me three days to get everything ready. Then, I got married to Mr Picky Eater, for whom nothing is every good enough. It's hard to cook for him, as some days he likes something, others, he just doesn't even want to look at it, imagine eating it (fortunately, there are better sides to our marriage). So dinner is like a crapshoot, the most frustrating part of my day.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I enjoy to cook with my partner as a shared chore.

For me at this point of my life is a chore: period. My husband never sets foot in the kitchen.

I have this problem sometimes we seem to be stuck with certain meals and can't try anything different for a change! I do all the cooking but if i make something i like i have to eat it all myself and sometimes that could take days!! So most of the time i will get the things i like when going out to eat!