Worthless Pigs

Oh I got a story for you about how worthless pigs are.

Last night someone's car alarm was going off for awhile at 3 in the morning. I called 911 and the 911 operator asked a bunch of stupid questions and I answered them the best I could after being woken up at 3am. I got off the phone and the pigs never showed up. The alarm went off for at least another half hour before they turned it off. The pigs never even responded. So much for people saying they are "heroes". HAHAHAHAHHAHA

I bet if they got a call about someone going 30.5 in a 30 zone then they would be there in a hurry to hand out tickets!
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Heroes...hells NO!!! They are no more heroes than the kkk, murderers, drug dealers, or any other criminals

Guy calls 911:
Operator: What is your emergency"
Guy: Three men are breaking into my shed.
Operator: We don't have anyone available right now. They will be there to investigate in about 1/2 hour.
Guy: In half an hour they will have cleaned me out and left.
Operator: I'm sorry, all our officers are busy now. We will get there as soon as we can.
Guy: OK, do the best you can. -- hangs up--
(60 second later) Guy calls 911
Operator: What is your emergency?
Guy: Don't bother hurrying for those 3 men breaking into my shed. I shot them all. They will wait now.
Operator: Please stay on the phone. Officers will be there immediately:

Officers arrive within 2 minutes, find 3 men loading a pickup out of the shed, and arrest them.
Officer: I thought you said you shot the men?
Guy: I though you said you had nobody available to come.

omg this is so true!!
they are bastards!