I've Hated Cops All Of My Life, And Now I Hate Them More.

A guy who was living in the same house as myself brought some freshly grown marijuana into the house.  He left some of it in the house, and took the rest of it and went out walking at night.  I didn't know about this.  He was stopped by some friggin cops.  They asked him where he was going, and he gave the address.  The next day they got a search warrant, and while I was at work, six or seven of them, with two big dogs, busted down the door and found the marijuana that the guy had left.  They asked the other person living here where I was, and she told them I was at work and would be home soon.  They wouldn't wait.  They came to my workplace and arrested me there for manufacturing marijuana.

Because of this, I lost my job.  The charge against me was dropped at the preliminary hearing.  The reason I hate the cops so much is because:  They know enough about the law to know that charge wouldn't stick against me.  But the big heroes wanted to be as big heroes as possible and drag in as many people that they could.  They figured I'd plead guilty to something (no way was THAT going to happen) so they didn't care about  not having enough evidence to make that charge.  They had to know that arresting me at my workplace would ensure that I'd lose my job.  They don't care if they are royally f****ing up the life of a fifty-one-year-old widowed grandmother.  Anyone could look at me and tell that I don't grow marijuana.  They didn't care.  As long as they can play hero, terrorize and intimidate me.  They get off on it.  Inside every cop is a kid who was bullied and beaten up and they want to get revenge on that by being able to bully others with impunity.  I'm convinced of that and I hate hate hate cops until my dying day.

To nursewilly:  I wish that my housemate had not told the cops my name and where I worked.  If she hadn't, I at least would not have been arrested at my workplace.  But she is as innocent as I.  She did not know the marijuana was there, either.  But the cops had found out from our neighbors that there were three people living there, the guy who had the marijuana, her, and me, so they started asking her about me, and she answered them because she was afraid and we're all programmed to co-operate with the police, so I can't really be too mad at her for that.

If the housemate you're referring to is the guy who was stopped with the marijuana, yes, I do blame him for being such a stupid *** as to walk around drunk at night with freshly grown marijuana in his pocket, and he was also a stupid *** for giving the cops the address.  So, yes, I do blame him.  But I can't help blaming the cops more, because that housemate was just stupid, he didn't set out to screw me over, he was just stupid and drunk and didn't think   The cops DID set out to screw me over.  That's why I blame them more.  I hate all cops, the good and the bad, because even the "good" one are bullies who think they're above everyone else.

If by saying " your housemate set you up", you are implying that he knowingly set out to get me arrested and lied to the police about me or anything else like that, I assure you, you are wrong.  He just stupidly went out drunk with the marijuana, and stupidly gave his address.  That's all he did.  He has suffered just as much as the other housemate and myself.  He also was charged with manufacturing marijuana, his bond was set much higher than ours, and he just pleaded guilty to it and got six months' probation.  Pretty light sentence, huh?  I lost my job over an offense (that I didn't even commit) that is worth six lousy months probation.

As to whether or not they made a major drug bust over one stoner with a little bit of reefer----that's EXACTLY what they did.  They assumed, based upon the small amount of marijuana he had on his person, because it was freshly grown, that there had to be some big major grow operation at this residence.  Even though the bluebellies did get their arrests, I take comfort in the fact that they had to still be disappointed at what they found.

Also, I haven't had major problems with the law before, other than a few traffic tickets.  Until this happened, I had an absolutely clean criminal record.  I just hate cops and I have since I was a child, when I was much too young to ever have committed a crime.

One more thing that may be relevant:  My housemate told the cops that he had grown the marijuana at home.  Which explains why they raided the house.  Which wasn't even true, but again, he was just being drunk and stupid, he didn't set out to screw me over.
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<p>For every person complaining about a cop who "screwed them over" when they were "innocent", there is a cop who got into the profession because he wanted to help people, or even more simply, be like his dad/grandfather, etc- and they have no interest in wasting their time screwing over a grandmother who has done nothing wrong. What the hell would they get out of that?? Yes, there are bad cops out there, who are on a power trip and have an axe to grind. There are also thousands of hard working, good cops who do their jobs very well without discrimination. The statement "I hate cops" is just like saying "I hate 'insert race here'". It's just as ignorant and disciminatory. My father is friends with many police officers who are incredibly fair, and even skewed towards helping out offenders so that they may get the shortest sentence and rehabilitate themselves. Teenagers and criminals use the idiotic statement "I hate cops". Sorry, but it's true. I think you would be singing a different tune if cops weren't around to put all of the scumbag rapists, molesters and murderers in prison, and one of your loved ones became a victim, wouldnt you?</p>

Bullshlt! No pig ever got to be a pig wanting to help people. That's not their job. They are the school bullies who grew up and are now getting paid to beat up, terrorize, rob, and kill people. The only "good" cop is a dead cop.

Yes, all 1 million+ of them are the exact same. Do you think the same of certain races? Unbelievably ignorant.

I have to say, the dude may not have meant to, but he sure didn't think not to, get you in trouble. By far, the pigs are the worst, but your male friend is not just a dumbass, he's a dangerous dumbass. What's really jacked up is that I'm sure it's still on your record, even after being dropped. It's wrong of them to leave it on there, cause it makes you look guilty when you're not.

They're not "the worst" when they're locking up murderers and rapists that could hurt/kill you or your loved ones, are they?

Of course not, but how often is that? They are the worst when they lock up people who are of no danger to anyone but themselves, if that. By that, I mean people who get high. Police don't make the laws, but they have a moral duty to recognize, time wasted on stoners, is time that should be spent monitoring the sexual predators who were just released. Instead, they spend days on end, stalking junkies who will end up being locked up for life. Sounds far fetched, but it's not.

I think you should seriously reconsider your position of hating "all" cops ba<x>sed on your experiences with some ********. I have had many run-ins with some serious ******* cops, and known many that are interested in doing the right thing. I guess as much as some cops are ********, don't lump the entire profession together. And if you feel that every cop in existence is an *******, odds are that you have had many, many problems yourself, and probably deserved most of them. As for the OP, look at the situation. I agree it wasn't handled the best way possible, but your housemate shouldn't have set you up, as I'm positive they wouldn't waste the time or resources to do a major drug bust ba<x>sed on one stoner with a little bit of weed on their person walking through town. You were set up for this, blame the housemate that did it.

No, bro, there is no such thing as a "good" pig. All pigs are looking for some excuse, any excuse, to beat you up and destroy your life. If they were "good" men they would get out of the bully pig gang and get a real man's job. A good old fashioned hanging is what the killer pigs need.

Oh, please. That's somthing teenagers and criminals say. To think that every cop is a bad person and out to waste their time "setting up" innocent civilians is completely ignorant. Its akin to saying "all Jewish people are cheap". It's one of the dumbest things you can possibly say.

Yes, all pigs are evil swine trained to hund down an destroy as many "civilians" as they can. They rob people. They keep corrupt politicans in power. And they rule through fear and violence. The only good pig is a dead pig.

Said Charles Manson and/or another internet troll...

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I know the feeling. My brother has been in trouble alote the cops kicked in my door tore up my house. Way to many times they think. It is ok. I would like to return the favor just once.

When they tore you're house up, we're you arrested? I've always wondered if they secure your door when they leave, or if they just leave the door hanging so other people come rob your **** while you're in jail. ****** pigs.

You poor dear!!! I feel your pain, and agree with you 1000%!!! Those p)r)I)c)ks don't care about the lives they ruin, after all they have secure jobs and a yearly "pension" when they retire. What the heck do those jerks have to possibly worry about?! As long as it makes "them" look good, to h)e)l)l with everone else!!! <br />
<br />
Thank you for the review by the way!!! Keep your chin up, and stay strong!!! Your among friends here, Good Luck<3!!!

Yes, they're all like that. All 1 million or so of them. Ignorance.