Cops Are Killers And They Refuse To Take Complaints From Their Victims!

The moment you actually CHARGE a cop with a felony crime is the moment every cop in town makes it known they don't give a damn!
Police will outright cover up a felony complaint made by a citizen against a cop and police and first responders immediately start pretending the victim is mentally ill to discredit the victim and they use that pretense to IGNORE any complaints the victim makes!

The moment you charge a cop with a felony crime is the moment all the propaganda you been fed all your life about cops being good guys melts away because cops will make it known right then and there they don't give a damn what you charge a cop for and they will not take your complaint and no case number will be assigned based on your complaint!

911 calls magically disappear off government records when citizens call 911 to complain about cops!
Many people that are VICTIMS of cops are battered and killed all over the USA and cops and local media cover it up by just labeling the dead victim as "Mentally ill" and label police actions as "Justified" and never, NEVER, does a cop stand trial in a criminal court room for such killings!

Many times a cop will walk up behind someone and say to the victim in front of them "Hey You!" and when the victim turns around that's when the cop shoots him!
The cop at the hearing will claim they were trying to make an arrest when the suspect suddenly turned around and he appeared to have a weapon on him!
No trial occurs, city government will just label cops actions as justified, case closed, cop grins, and they kill people this way all the time all over the country!

Many times cops will break into people's homes WITHOUT a warrant knowing there are people inside sleeping and the cops will shoot the resident while they are still in there bed and cops NEVER stand trial for that as well!

Cops are very active sexually and have many girlfriends, all of whom will lie for cops so it's easy for cops to destroy someones reputation in their neighborhoods!
Cops will pay girlfriends to rent apartments near their target and they will make false ********* accusations about the target behind their targets back so he cannot defend against these false rumors!
Cops enjoy framing innocent people as pedophiles because it is easy for them to do it, all they have to do is make false pedo accusations on their target and the neighbors do the rest spreading the rumor/accusation until the whole neighborhood wants that person dead!
By the time the poor victim realizes there is a problem the whole neighborhood is turned against him and cops just laugh!
Cops have a name for this type of framing they call it pedofying!

If cops want to frame someone as a ********* they just go to their superiors and ask permission to pedofy their target!
When superiors give the permission then cops just seed the neighborhood with false pedo rumors and then the neighbors take over spreading the word!
News media always helps police to pedofy their targets and they make so many constant accusations to so many people that it is impossible for the innocent victim to defend himself or his reputation!
Most people that get pedofied by cops end up dead within a few years, and nobody says anything about and no one keeps track of deaths related to being pedofied!
So cops use this tactic way more than you can ever imagine!
Schools are unwittingly helping cops to frame innocent people and to pedofy people because when cops pretend their is a ********* in the neighborhood then they order the schools to print flyers giving the description of the suspect!
Nine times out of ten it is someone being framed AS a ********* and news media never ever mentions those flyers schools send out to children and parents!
Cops are very fond of using photo doubles and recruiting children that are with people they know in order to stage crimes and to better frame their target!
It is easy for cops to find loyal females to cops that have children and for them to coach those children to make false pedo accusations and of course cops will pay their "Informants" under the table for such help in framing someone!

Back in the twenty's and thirty's we had public lynch mobs that were organized by local authority's!
In 2013 we have local authority's organizing pedofying and they always recruit people into pedofying someone, very much a mob kind of thing!

Michael Jackson was publicly pedofied by police and news media and he never got a trial, he was dead four years later!
So it don't matter how rich someone is or how important someone is cops just don't give a damn!

Charge a cop with a felony crime and you find out real fast just how corrupt they really are!

I hate cops!
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**** 98% of the police in the neck!

The blue gun thug gangs are the most violent killers in America. We would all be a lot more safe, and enjoy a lot more freedom, if the lot of them were run out of town on a rail.

Cops are Fascist much like the Nazi Germans were and they are very organized and they recruit people's into their "Click" of friends, and of course THOSE people NEVER stand trial when accused of felony crimes because cops will not RECOGNIZE complaints on their friends.

When one cop commits a murder and the rest of the cops turn their backs on it then the whole police department is guilty of murder as accomplices.
When public pressure FORCES a police department to take action on a cop then the only thing that happens is the cop transfers to a new jurisdiction.

Criminal cops always transfer to a new jurisdiction when they draw too much public attention to their crimes, and of course the cops just continue their crimes in a new jurisdiction.

Cops use transfers as a way of getting out of the hot seat by being out of sight from the public that is complaining about them.
Transfers are what protect cops from going to jail and help cops to cover up their crimes and transfers give the false appearance that police departments are PUNISHING their officers when in actuality they are protecting them from public outcry.

Instead of running them out of town maybe we citizens should build and fund our own jails and throw the cops in jail ourselves.
If you think that's not possible then why are we all paying taxes right now for?

We pay for jails right now so it's perfectly legal, we pay for prisons right now so it's perfectly legal, we pay for courts right now and it is people of the jury, not government employees, that decide who go to jail and who get released.

I would much rather throw a cops butt in jail than help them with a transfer, because that's all that will happen if a cop gets run out of town on a rail.

There are few things wrong with your local cop that couldn't be remedied from a safe distance in .30-06 caliber.

1968-As an 8th grader, I got into an argument at school. Baldwin Park, CA cops were told I was a trouble maker. A couple of times, a cop came. I was punched.
1971-My car was being worked on at my high school. Someone took it for a joy ride. I went to the Baldwin Park police to report a stolen car. I was told “Get a haircut hippie.”
1973-Graduation night a cop put a gun to my head and demanded I go with them. The last day of school, an undercover agent came to my school, pointed a gun at me, and insisted I go with him. They wanted to recruit me.
1973-Some ex-school mates came to my house and threatened to stab me to death. My neighbor called the Baldwin Park, PD. The cop refused to get out of his car and drove off. After wards, the cop came back and pointed his gun at me, insisting I go with him to the station.
1973-LA Sheriff wrote me a bogus ticket (minor in possession of alcohol). During the pre-trial, the judge pro-tem hated my long hair and told the bailiff to shoot me. The bailiff pointed his gun at me. At the trial, the judge remembered me. He told the public defender to have me plead guilty or the cops would beat me outside. The bailiff and his Lt. also pointed their guns at me. The judge of the court was pissed when he found out.
1975-Cutter Labs (W. Covina, CA) was going to shut down. I showed them how to save millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs, saving the company. I refused the rewards. West Covina cops dressed as workers. Everyone knew everyone. Cops started fights we me daily. I think they were trying to make a movie of the incident. I was broke and quit.
1976-I was drunk and passed out in the back of a VW. Azusa, CA PD pulled over and arrested the driver for DUI. I was ordered to drive the car home. I thought I was being set up. I made it home OK.
1979-The managers at a medical supply company (Chapin) said they were KKK members and threatened everyone. I called Anaheim 911 operator. She refused to help. I made it to a pay phone and called 911 again. Same 911 Operator refused to send help and said the Anaheim Mayor was a KKK member.
1980-A neighbor came to my house and pointed a gun at me. He meant to threaten the drug dealer next door. I called the Glendora, CA PD. They did nothing. The police illegally wire-tapped my phone daily. The neighbors told me the police searched my house while I was at work. My landlord worked for the Glendora FD.
1981-Mayor of Glendora, CA used to illegally wire-tap my phone. He said if President Reagan ever came to town, he’d have him shot. I called the FBI. I was investigated, verbally tortured and attacked several times.
1981-Fountain Valley, CA officer pulled me over to harass me. He heard I filed complaints against the above cops. He never wrote me a ticket, but he stood in front of my car pointing his weapon at me. The second time he pulled me over, I broke his nose in front of other cops (on Euclid Ave.). I was never arrested.
1984-My wife and I were moving. A neighbor, that greatly disliked me, came over to fight me one last time. He lost. Two Glendora cops stood in my driveway and just watched. They didn’t even arrest him.
1992-I told an Orange, CA cop how a drug dealer let his 6 month old baby drown in a tub. Social Services refused to do anything. This cop arrested him. The cop came back to my house, pointed his gun at me and said I was his new snitch. I took his gun and put it in his mouth and said “No, I’m not!”
1992-2000-After the Orange cop incident, there were many occasions where cops would come to my house (or in my house) and pick a fight with me. The Mayor knew all about it and insisted I come to her office to meet her.
Once, Orange PD pulled me over 1 block from my house. The cop said he was writing me a ticket for a busted tail light. Then, he smashed my tail light. A neighbor witnessed it.
1992-I called the FBI a second time to report the Orange Police for their illegal activities. I was (once again) investigated, verbally tortured and attacked several times.
1995-LAPD cops were called to a Burger King. I thought I was being robbed in the parking lot and a cashier called the police. Several cops showed up. Turns out, I wasn’t being robbed. The cops were pissed it was a false alarm. Two cops stretched me out, like a star, while a third punched me. The Mayor was on the police radio. He fired the 3 officers.
Next day, I went back to Burger King and asked a cashier to call the Mayor to see if we could meet. I was told a cop answered and said if I showed my face I'd get the crap beat out of me.
1999-Orange cops walked into my house regularly and and punched me. One time, I was ready with a pipe up my sleeve. I bashed him and threw him on the ground, face down. I jumped on his back, trying to break it. Another cop dragged him out of my house. That was the last time they just walked in my house. They said the FBI & President Clinton told them to treat me this way, since I was going through the initiation process of joining the FBI.
2000- I got pulled over by Orange, CA cop for speeding. He asked me "Are you a ******?" I told him "Step in the van, s*** my d*** and let's see if I c** in your mouth!" He grabbed his baton and said “Step out of the van.” I told him “If I step out there, everyone will see you s*** my d***.” He called for backup. I got a ticket and left.

There are lots more incidents.