Kick Me While Im Down

Cops are good at kicking me while im already down, that is when i get ****** over all the time. My license is wack right now i have two old dui's that have reaked havock on my right to drive. I did my time in the classes and aa meetings and all the bullshit you have to do when getting dui. I still had a few classes left on my second dui and that was back in 6/05 and i still have court fees up the ying yang and since i recently moved from sd i missed a court date to finish my program, the only reason its taken this long is because of money. the classes are expensive and then i have those court fees also. Well i lost cound of how many times ive seen my car being towed. Its hard to get ahead and take care of business and family without the right to drive. Once again i am ****** even more now because at least in san diego the busses ran and were close but here in az where i live its on the outskirts and about 7 miles from any bus stop. I hate how much the cops have affected my life on many levels. Yes I am ultimately responsible for making a bad decision to drive under the influence of alcohol, but these kind of problems are made even worse by them meddling in my life and kicking me while im down. My husband isn't even here either he's in prison. I hate the cops and will never ever call them for ****. I don't need their help because all it does is cause fines and courtdates. They meddle in your life and start to control it once your in the system.

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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

i agree. you think they would find a better way to improve things, but it always ******* comes down to money. sickening really.

I hate that bullshit. There are some parts of the law that I'm fine with, but almost everything to do with cars is utter crap. And it's not even that the ideas behind the laws are bad, but it's just like BlueGeorgia said, it's all about money. Control too, actually.

The biggest and most expensive buildings in my town all belong to the system

truethat. as long as they get paid.

The system now is all about the money.<br />
NOTHING else seems to matter.