Seattle, Washington News January 2013 Between Red Light Camera'S And Crime

In my State where I live in. I live in Aberdeen, Washington, which is 100 miles West of Seattle. Closer to the Coast-line and Beach of Washington.

I was hearing in the News about 2 weeks ago, about this News Story that just Profound's Me.

There was this lady that got shot somewhere and died. (I guess it was last year. ?)

While there was an Investigation to finding the Culprits. They noticed that the Culprits had to dart through a Red Light Intersection and that makes Red Light Cameras take Pictures of Offenders running Red Lights.

In the News, things to what I heard doesn't make sense about the Rules.

The City Rules that are worried that Red Light Offender's is only worth it to that about getting Pictures and at the same time making issues about "Privacy".

I get it! (  )   The Pictures can invade "Privacy" to issue a citation for "Money", but it is "Invading Privacy" to solve a Criminal Act (?)

I don't see the "Logic?"

But at this late in the Investigation. In the News is that Investigators can't get the Red Light Picture, because of "Privacy" Rules (?)

Again!  I think How Evil this Twist is ... They Invade the Privacy for Red Light Violations for "Money", but it is Tooo "Invasive of Privacy" to see who a criminal was in a criminal homicide?

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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

They do as the d@m please, as usual....same here in my state...I call those areas Revenue Enhancement Zones....for them, not for us.