I Hate Corporate Culture

I don't hate capitalism. I think it's great, and wish we all didn't need licenses to sell ****, like a vendor's license. That was made a law through corporate pressure, I'm sure.

I don't hate corporations, but I despise some of the laws that govern such a thing. I hate the yes-man, smiling, happy face they have to wear. I hate the fakery. I hate the dishonesty. I hate the soulless beast. Now, I'm a beast myself, in many ways. But I hate the soullessness. I feel, I'm an individual. IfI do something wrong, I have to deal with it, and it's my life, my only one. If you're working for a corporation, you hang your soul next to your coat at the door. I can't say they're all bad, but most of the big ones are. Almost all of them do excrable things. And people do these things, because it's thier job. Like I said, leave your soul at the door.

Now I've done some pretty awful, evil things to people. There was that one time when I drove that girl to suicide ( She didn't die), and that one time when I smacked this guy to **** in front of alot of people when he tried to be my friend. I'm not a nice guy. But, I'm careful when I change the oil in my car to not get much on the ground. You can almost never get it all. And I'm not talking about environmental **** either. Whole tribes in the Amazon have been slaughtered. Though, from what I know of them, that wasn't a bad move. See Headsmashers Ball at Twisted edge.com . But, I think killing people for no good reason is a bad idea. Now, true, these corporations have paid restitution to the families of thier murders, and sometimes, willingly. But usually, they adviod this **** like the plague. And what is a person worth, even if worthless. I mean, c'mon, I condone the random taking of human life like anybody else, we got a population problem, unless you haven't heard. But let's do it for a good reason people. Lets do it cause they were an *******. Let's do it cause he/she beats thier kids. Lets do it because they're always drunk/high and can't be bothered to find a job, and suck on welfare. Not that if you're on welfare you should die. Sometimes people just need some help. I'm talking about the drags on our society, as humans,  that we should resist. You beat your kids, they're gonna grow up angry, and/or injured. What the ****. While we need more angry people, we don't need more hurt people. And if you can't be bothered to justify your existence so that people will give you money, you suck. Live in the gutter, and live on what I throw away. ****, you'd starve first.

Also, quit throwing **** away. Look, my garbage gets taken by the same people yours is. I don't throw away useful ****, and as a garbage picker ( If you throw something out I want, I will stop and grab it), you guys throw away too much. I could make a living off it, and work six hours a day.

But, corporations are what started it. They enable it. But I'm not gonna go out without saying this. For all the soulless, evil things you do, you do do alot of good. So keep that up. Just drop a note to your Dickhead Department, and tell them to consider a change to the fixing ****-ups department. Happy Hanuakka!

Socklord Socklord
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you are retarded

What's this " you people" ****? I had a business... Not enough work, and now I work a job, like any other slob. As for the mafia's morals, compared to mine, I plead guilty. I'm not a nice guy.

The mafia has better morals than you people!

Excellent point. I do not hate Corporate America... Corporate culture, is another thing altogether.<br />
I am pro-Capitalist, pro-Corporate America, anti-US Government shoving their hands into the pockets of every Corporation in this country and turning them into beasts to work for... the "culture" part.

I do that.

You lost me.