Police Corruption Uk

Ok so like most people i have been sceptical over the years about the ligitamacy of some police conduct. In all walks of life there are good and bad and that stretches to the police force. I dont know how many are aware in the US about a tragedy that occured in england in 1989 at a football game resulting in 96 spectators being crushed to death? A report has been released this week as a result of the families campaiging for the police documents taken at the time to be released to the public. To cut a long story short the police were at fault and transpired to covert it up. Here are the main points for you.

1) police stated that the fans kicked the gates open resulting in thousands of people surging into the stadium. LIE! the cheif of police that day ordered the doors be opened by his own officers.

2) police stated that the fans were drunk, stealing, fighting and urinating on them. Lie! the fans did none of these things and in fact were doing more to help the injured than the police.

3) police edited, changed, and influenced statements to divert blame from themselves and onto the victims. 128 statements were altered.

4) police and the coronor declared all victims dead at 3:15pm some who died were still alive at 4pm and 51 people could have been saved instead they were left to die.

If you ever have an idea that something stinks, that things dont add up, the governemnt or police are lying, they might well be. If you think they wouldnt do it, they would!
trevluke trevluke
31-35, M
Sep 14, 2012