Because Of My Parents

I have grown up with country music all my life because that's all my parents listened to. No matter where we were, they were always playing some country songs. they got married to a country song, and i was dressed up in a cowboy hat, vest, boots, and a bowlow tie to be their ringbearer. and yeah, maybe there are one or two songs of country that i could stand. but seriously, after 5 years of it, i was done. i could not hear another YEE HAW! And all their songs are about beer and havin a good time, or losing a loved one, or gaining a loved one, all while shucking corn and riding on their tractors!
Flareguy Flareguy
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Dont forget the singing through the nose. The old country music I recall from my youth in virginia showcased a guy singing through his nose

Don't forget the ones that are about how sexy his tractor is.