It Is Horrible

i hate country music and it doesn't help that i live in utah, i mean some stuff is allright, and i love folk now there is a huge huge huge difference between folk and country folk is acutely more like indie and stuff, like sufjan stevens i mean you can have a banjo and not make it a hick, also i hate the fake accents they have witch people in the west don't actually have and the singers are like from new jersey or main not even from the west, the worst part is every teenage girl in utah loves country and to hang out with girls i have to listen, witch is enough of a sacrafice to hang out with girls but i still hate it
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

I so agree. Folk music is a big yes for me. Something with a message and while often simple musically it is crafted, not slapped together collections of hooks and trite themes .

The Avett Brothers is another good folk band that sounds nothing like country.