Country music makes me feel ignorant just listening to it. Not so much the older stuff from the 60's and 70's but the new stuff. Pop country music appeals to the lowest common denominator, the lyrics are so simple it seems like you could write a dozen or so songs in an hour or two. Nothing wrong with simple lyrics as a rule but the subject matter is always heartbreak, blind patriotism, love, or bad metaphors. I once worked at a job where they played country music all day and I swear I could feel myself getting more and more stupid every time I went to work. 
When I hear that a country music star sells a bunch of records I always think, big deal, it's easy to make it big as a country star. There's pretty much a template for male and female country stars these days, chicks need to look good in pair of jeans or a square dance type dress and have some twang in the voice. A mustache is recommended for men but not required, a big hat and belt buckle are mandatory, they also need to look good in jeans and have more twang in the voice than the women, a counrty man without twang is called a street musician. No songwriting talent is necesary as you buy your songs from a song writer. As for musical talent, basic knowledge of acoustic guitar chords is enough to make you a standout, however, if you can play violin AND sing, you're on your way to a half dozen grand ole opry awards.
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DUDE OSTRICH MAN, AMEN. I love you for writing this, because it can't be more true.