Oh My! Look At How Brave And Intimidating You Are Hiding Behind That Car Of Yours!

It's happened to me and i'm sure it's happened to other people too. But usually i can ignore the childish bullshit.  But when people attack my family whether it be verbally or physically, this is when I start lusting for a fight.

This time it happened to my sister, who happens to be very self conscious of herself about her weight. She is bi-polar and is suffering from depression. To make a long story short she used to be bullied and targeted by mostly boys in school who used to circle around her, taunt, tease and kick her. They used to take her bookbag and kick/toss it to the other side of the room.  They would run away like the little pathetic chicken ***** that they are while she chases them down to try to catch and return the favor to them. This went on on a dailly basis. Teachers in school accused her of being the aggressor because of how she looked and because they always caught her when she was chasing after them. They either never saw the bullies messing with her, or they just chose to ignore what was really going on. My sister had no one to back her up. Because of scumbags like this, she used to pass her rage onto me when I was little and bully me for her own reasons. I think that one of the reasons was because I was the skinny one. Whenever she would come after me she would always scream out "skinny little *****!".  I used to hide and tip toe around her whenever I knew she was going to turn into a monster.

Even though it is 14 yrs later and this is now the present, She is STILL getting targeted. We were supposed to go out for a walk in the park together. Me, my sister and my father. She did not want to wait for us because we took too long, so she started walking toward the park. Some loser screamed to her out the window and yelled, " FAT FUGLY *****!!!" and sped off so that she can't see who it was. I did not see who it was either but he was driving a black mini van. She was in such a good mood and it all got ruined because of this low life ******* who has nothing better to do. Seriously, what kind of pleasure does someone get out of doing this? Why do they care whether or not someone is fat or "ugly"? This really hurt and made me angry. Even while me and my father caught up with her all I could think about was hunting the SOB down and challenging him. I was seething. I wanted to fight.   I thought that she was just paranoid when she would tell me that she does not want to leave her house sometimes because she feels like she is going to be made fun of by somebody. Now I know for sure that it's not just psychological. I know this is a mean thing to say but i hope he ends up in a car crash or gets his *** severely beat down.  My sister is not the best person in the world, but she is not the worst person in the world and she deserves to walk around freely and comfortably just as everyone else does.
angelofthenight angelofthenight
22-25, F
Jul 18, 2010