Criminal Behavior

Oh dear lord,

I hate my current boyfriend's ex-crazy-f&^%ing girlfriend. I was friends with him even before they were together and she has always hated me and has been reeeeeeaaaaalllly jealous of me. He has liked me and I have liked him since we were friends but we tried to be respectful of each other's boundaries since we were both in other relationships at the time. She had even made a comment to me that if any woman talked to "her man" she would scratch their eyes out. Cookoo!!!!!

Well. My relationship was broken off and my current boyfriend started hanging out as more than friends and decided we wanted to be together. We didn't tell our exes or anybody else really since we didn't want the drama. Well, my ex found out and was pissed but he got over it. I told him he needed to tell her because she's crazy and I was afraid that she would do something stupid if she found out in a different way. She kept dropping by without asking even though he told her not to. One day she invited herself over and he asked me if it was okay since he was going to tell her. I said yes. The minute she got there she did her best to make me feel uncomfortable by touching him and going into the kitchen leaving me in the living room like I was the third wheel. I felt so uncomfortable I told him I was leaving. He told me not to go and she ended up leaving soon after that.

Later that night we went out drinking and she dropped by again without asking. Again she made me uncomfortable and I wanted to leave but he asked me to stay. I did. At 6 or 7 a.m. I was having a dream about darkness and I woke up to a dark figure standing over the bed. I heard a scream from the pits of hell. IT WAS HER!!!!!! SHE BROKE INTO HIS F&^%ING HOUSE!!!!!  She screamed "That's why you haven't been answering my text messages or my phone calls. You're a bastard!!!!" I woke up freaked out and shaking and I couldn't wake him up. When  he found out he started crying and throwing up.

She kept texting him over and over calling me a *****. He told her to leave him alone and was pissed that she called me a *****. She left him alone for awhile and last week she texted him at 4 a.m. telling him she was going to a psychiatrist. REALLY?!!!! WOW!!!! A PSYCHIATRIST?!!!! THE B%&*# NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL FOR BREAKING INTO HIS HOUSE!!!! WTF?!!!!

I am just so sick of her contacting him. I am starting to get mad at him for not telling her GO AWAY, CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lolalola666 lolalola666
26-30, F
Feb 8, 2010