Chase Adds $10 Fee On Certain Accounts

Seriously, do these banking morons live in a cave! Do they even realize we are in a recession and people are losing their jobs by the thousands! Guess not since they are enjoying places like the posh Venetian in Las Vegas. Just one of those perks with all the money they got from the government bailout. And just to sweeten the pot, maybe charge those who can't afford it another ten bucks.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

yur so frustrating!!!

yes and they dont give a crap either!!

Yes,I agree here in my state to top it off we now have to pay 12 cent tax each gallon of gas..They giveth a taketh away. ;O( I hate to even go look at my stock portfolio."Yuck"!!<br />
Ponzi schemes..and Martha went to prison because she lied..Ba hum bug!!