Other companies get you hooked in saying that you need one cause they don't take other cards, so you get one.  Might as well be with a loan shark. 

They start you out slow and low but as you charge on it they hike up the rate, and as long as they tell you about it, it is as legal as it gets.

If you don't want the agree to it then they will cancel your card without telling you and then where do you sit?

If you call to inquire about a pending charge or something the effing guy or gal on the other end of the line is so caught up on trying to sell you something that they are so sure that you need that they gloss over your questions and push you to get the sale.

I'm sorry but if I tell you no and you keep asking me and I still say no, take the effing hint!

Otherwise you are no longer my credit card company and have been reduced down to telemarketer which I just hang up on.

The other thing that I am going to ***** about right now then I will shut up is why is it that they can charge my card instantaneously but if I put a credit on there or need a pending transaction taken off it is 2 weeks for that to happen?  If it can go on in seconds then it should come off in seconds, no waiting 8 business days for it to fall off.

That it total BullS__T!!!!!!


mtvlm mtvlm
41-45, M
Feb 24, 2010