I just hate creepy people who follow you around. No matter if it's in real life or just on the internet it's creepy. Really creepy!!! I know most people who stalk and do such things have mental diseases and shouldn't be judged but locked away from society until they're healed. Where we don't have to deal with harassment and irrational behavior Oh I wish there were laws on the internet for creepy people. I wish EP had stricter rules. Like being able to disable comments to stories and forums. Or just being able to block certain people from leaving comments where they are unwanted. I hope that one day EP will create that option. Until then I suppose I will deal with the creepy...

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2 Responses May 10, 2008

They used to. Not anymore though thank goodness. =)

Is someone on EP actually stalking you? That is creepy! People are just freakish sometimes