Followed By Creepers & Social Climbers

I go through this almost DAILY. First off, I have relatives who are status seekers who try to latch onto me and they try to emulate me, suck up to me, and then gossip about me. So, I try to avoid them, but when I can't they follow me around like lost little puppies and I'm too polite to tell them to back off. Also, when I go shopping, I've noticed that random strangers will instantly recognize me and then follow me around looking at the exact same things that I have as if they are trying to analyze me through the items I've touched. The funny thing is, I don't mind if someone walks up to me and starts talking to me because I love meeting new people and I'm very friendly- in fact it's automatic for me to give a genuine smile to people who catch my eye. It just weirds me out though when people hover over me like vultures watching my every move- and it's usually the ones who look like they've had at least a few days worth of drugs pumped into their system. Today one crack head even plowed her shopping cart into my side in an effort to get my attention! Needless to say, she did NOT get a nice big smile from me. When I go out to dinner, it can get just as bad, but at least I've yet to have someone follow me to the ladies room! That would be TOO MUCH.

ReginaForbes ReginaForbes
26-30, F
Feb 2, 2010