Mother Dear

Growing up, my mother constantly critiqued everything about me.

When I would tell her that she was hurting my feelings, her reply was, "I'm your mother- who else is going to be honest with you?" Thanks, Mom. If that's honesty, I'll take a lie. Nothing I did was ever good enough, my grades were never high enough, my room was never clean enough, I wore too much or too little makeup, my clothes were too plain or too outrageous. She never believed anything I said, she always took sides with my teachers, my brother, my friends- everyone but me.

She made very bad decisions in her life that caused my brother and I to have to pay for her mistakes and grow up faster than children should, but she has yet to acknowledge this or apologize for any of it. In her eyes, she is perfect and has never done anything wrong. I am her figurative whipping post- the bearer of her sorrow, the product of her mistakes, it would seem. I am not close to her, and never will be. I tolerate her with kindness, but when she is around I am nervous, jumpy, anxious, highly defensive.

I never will understand what I did to make my mother treat me the way she does.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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We all have the same mother. When you said "In her eyes, she is perfect and has never done anything wrong." I was like OMG mine too!!! I feel the same way when I'm at home, and I wished she had never learned how to text bc she constantly finds things about me to criticize.

I feel like we are related. I LITERALLY read your post, and felt as if I had written it myself.

I totally understand you SpiritOfTheRabbit. My mother she critisizes me so much that when I was 12 she even suggested plastic surgery for me! But we did nothing wrong, our mothers just realize how much of a failure they are. And they will never change. I hate my mother so much. She tries to control me in every way. I wish you good luck to move on and go your own way. :)

Thank you. :)

and as you said...."her whipping post"

Spirit, don't try to understand what you did to make your mother treat you that way. The blame and fault lies with her, not with were the inocent child...her the adult.

^ :( I'm sorry.

Wow... It sounds like we had the same mother :(<br />
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