It Is Just Sick...

I do not understand why any one would want to hurt a precious animal. They are so helpless and defenseless. Animals do not normally cause problems in the world unless they are threatened or hungry. They are just trying to survive.

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4 Responses Apr 10, 2008

I hate animal cruelty, what sorta person wants to get a kick out of hurting, possibly fatally, a animal that cant fight back, its not fair on the animal.

Thats not true. U can be kind to a human and still be cruel to an animal. there are such people out there. So if a raving dog just came up to you and ripped you to shreds and u were on the erge of death you would let that thing kill you? I think not. I hate people that are just cruel to animals but there are limitations on when to be and not to be cruel to an animal. If an animal such as a dog threatened or tried to bite my baby girl i tell u what. That so called animal is gonna die no if ands or butts. I didnt make a dog i made a human being.

Animal cruelty makes my blood boil. I doubt if envy comes into it, power maybe, over a defenceless animal, and is probably a coward and has no confidence where people are concerned. If you cannot be kind to an animal then I doubt if you can be kind to a fellow human being.

You are correct. Animals have no choice but to be what they are. I think humans are often cruel to animals because they envy them for what we are not. What do you think?