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I Really Despise People Who Are So Greedy...

as to stick cows in stinky mud holes and make them live like that... greedy evil people :/

this is something that i have seen a lot and smelled (unpleasantly) in my travels... 

believe it or not there is something we can do about it... and we should... 

demand higher quality meats that are processed in a humane manner..

in the end it will be good for all of us... but if we keep buying cheep meats then we are supporting this ill treatment of animals and ourselves...

i like happy cows in green fields... i think it's only right... that animals should live in peace and be happy... and healthy... not in filthy dirt holes... (smelly too) so please think about what you put in your mouth (most fast foods are junk and are getting worse (as is most things in the world)) so... that's all :/  -ligg

-ps i think McD's grinds up the bones of the animals and mixes it in with their meets... (as filler) *gags* i saw it on a video once... (so an unrelated one) but taste and see for yourself... what real burgers are like (if you have ever had one) i think it's just sad... ok that's all. 
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yes very terrible