There Are Many Ways Of Being Cruel To Animals.

Neglect, the type where if your pet is ill and you don't take steps to make him well after finding out whats wrong.

Also, not feeding them decently. And I'll tell ya what.........if it's to hot or to cold or to wet outside for me, it's to hot,cold, or wet for my pet.

And I've seen so many instances on the news about hording. Just this morning on local news 33 cats and seven dogs were removed from a couples home. What kicked off complaints from neighbors..........the smell. After days on end of 100 degree temps.

Unless you've got money to burn, there's no way those animals were well cared for.

Don't get me started on those who think animal / human sex is harmless. These animals we keep as pets are, as far as I am concerned like our children.

Meant to be spoiled and given every comfort we have, and then some.
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2012

You know i agree whole heartedly with you! (hugs)

great post and i can't abide by the mistreatment of animals either in any way and don't get me started on the practice of ***********. i just flagged such a story. ugh!