Animal Abuse

Went to a local town fair and stopped to see the oxen pulls. My friend billow6 and I were appalled to watch this one guy hit his ox in the eye (while his eye was open) trying to get the oxen to back up. I became very mouthy about it and people were giving me dirty looks. I don't care. My aunt and uncle raised oxen for the ox pulls and they never hit those animals. They would hit the ground in front if them or tap the yoke but they never hit them. I wanted to go right down there, rip the thing out of his hand and hit him in the eye with it.
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About 10 years ago, or so, my wife and I took the hour plus drive to the Topsfield Fair in a rural par of Mass, because one of her employees loved it. We were appalled at the way that some of the animals were treated left quickly after we saw that and never came back!

Its awful. No excuse for it.

I hate animal abuse, there is no need for it! I dont have farm animals, but in the past 40 years have had 3 Great Danes and 6 kitties plus strays and they are apart of my family! I love all animals!

I would have helped you!!! I can't stand animal abuse either

I would hold him for ya.

and i would have helped you!

Would've loved the back up.

I don't believe in it either It makes me sick that someone can do that to any animal reguardless what it may be..I would like to become friends with you so if you would like please friend me. You may message me too. I hope to hear from you Have a good night..Bye.

It is very very sad what people do to animals. There's no reason for it.

sounbds awful this is cruel and need to stop