I get so sad and angry and sometimes wont be able to continue watching a movie where there r animals getting hurt or killed :(((
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Agreed, in fact I used to work in the zoo I learn lots about animals:)

Nice!!!! Wer u able to get close to lions and tigers? Ohhh how i love to hug one :))))

I work for the creative team, so sometimes I need to take pic with the babies:) hehehe

Im sooooo envious XD

I know what you mean... That's why I can't watch movies with dogs... They always get hurt or killed

Yea :((( i forward it further so i wont see them get killed.. It took me a while to watch 8 below :(((( but my mom insisted its a great movie but still i had a feeling one of those dogs will die :(((((

I still won't watch Marley and me >.< I know something good dsnt happen

I watched the half part where they r so happy then turned it off when marley becomes sick .. They say it has lesson but y shud it be that way :((((

No clue! But I refuse to watch it lmao rather watch a scary movie.

Oh yea!!! Id rather see people get killed in movies cuz i know and im sure that they really didnt die!! Lololol

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Yeah. I agree:(