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Cowards Are the Only Ones to Hurt Animals!!

I recently read an article in a newspaper that made me cry, curse and shout!!! It said that a group of young lads had purposely set a pitbull on someones pet cat, they laughed and cheered as it ripped the cat apart, they were never caught. The owner of the cat was distraught. This is just one example of animal cruelty but it goes on EVERY day and it breaks my heart. These cowards should be thrown into a lions den at the zoo and have people laugh and cheer as they are ripped to shreds!!!! Even if these bullies were caught their punishment would not be harsh enough, they have literally got away with murder! I hope that their pitbull turns on them next!!!
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 14 Responses Sep 16, 2007

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Brainless evil cowards,are the kind of sick people who kill animals.Many serial killers of humans,were once animal killers.So there is another reason for them to be locked away for a very long time,if not indefinately.I bring up my kids to totally respect wildlife and want to watch and love them.Trouble is in this sick world,they will no doubt be saddened to witness them all disappearing more and more as they get older.But at least they will have had the pleasure of seeing those lovely creatures and being up close to them.Thats the only thing they have to do to make me proud of them,be kind to animals.

It's horrible to think about the world of cruelty that these animals go through for the sake of fashion and experiments. I can't put my anger into words, but I think that these people should be killed as well as the animals!

Unfortunately some dogs are loyal to a fault, engaging even in violence on command. These sickos should be rotting in prison.

Yes but if the Pit bulls turn on them, as always happens, the dogs will be put to sleep. I have friends with rescued pit bulls that live with cats, horses etc, these dogs are being abused as much as this poor cat.<br />
The same thing I always say, not just with animal abuse, but in the UK we had a very famous "James Bulger" case, where children killed a child, understandble people wanted revenge, I understand that,but I would say " If they were your children would they have done that" No of course not, that is why I think parents / guardians should be in the dock too, they should be arrested and charged the same.<br />
I'm afraid until the law changes as to animal abusers, this fight goes on, until animals are no longer treated as less than possesions, we need to fight on.

This is why I became an animal rights campaigner several years ago. I read about this kind of thing every day and the trauma never leaves me.....I am also vegan for this reason. To me, a cows life is as valuable as a cats or a dogs life.....

You are right about that but if I was to include everything I would go bonkers. I fight for the racing greyhounds and the galgoes in Spain as well as puppymills conservation of endangered species ect ect ect. There is so much to take care of in the connections with all of these. So I have chosen to alert as many as possibel to the plight of racing greyhounds if you think that is a small issue think again it is far reaching and worldwide. If you look at the links I provided you will know why I chose the greyhounds as well as the galgoes from Spain I would rather choose a few fields of interrest and do a good job instead of many and do a poor job.

Yes Knowledge is power but cruelty is not JUST in dog racing its in all walks of life and thats what I was trying to get at.

Without knowledge the parents will be kept in the dark just as other adults.Not many people asociate the racing industry with cruelty and mistreatment of their inmates. Without alerting others to the plight of these nobel hounds a lot of them would never have a chance of life. It is a question of making a diffrence where you can not just leave it to others. Knowledge is power so the more information we have the better equipped we are to combat evil deeds. It is not just done by young people in fact most of these henious acts are comitted by older adults what does that tell you? . It must be remembered that evil has no power where it has been exposed and where people fight against it every day all groups of people need to pull together to make a diffrence and it starts with ourselves. The choices we make every day say when we shop at the supermarket what products do we choose the ones that are seemingly cheaper or do we make more ethical choices ba<x>sed on knowledge and compassion? As a whole I agree with you but once you have seen the amount of blatant cruelty that other rescuers and I have seen you speak against it you shout it from the rooftops to make it stop. What else can you do but bee the voice for those without one?.

Cruelty to all must be stopped and it must come from parents who bring up children to instill respect for others,property and fellow creatures,teachers in schools to continue this education and if children cannot then to be allowed to discipline in a way that suits parents/teachers then as young adults/adults we must have a police force that can use courts to punish offenders with punishments that meet the crime slap on hands are no deterrants.This one word RESPECT matters and untill our society relearns this acts of cruelty to others property and creatures will continue.

I see cruelty every day. Not that I want to but there it is plain for all to see. It brings tears of sadness and anger to my eyes. Simply put I can´t save them all even if I want to I can alert others to their plight and that is what I do. It makes a diffrence and it saves lives. Some weekes no lives are saved other weeks lives are saved every day. I will never give up alerting others to plight of my favorite group of canines namely the sighthounds and out of those I have chosen to be the voice for those most abused ,mistreated and discarded. They entertain people at tracks breaking bones for their exitement they perfor every day of their dreary lives they are kept in bad conditions and fed the cheapes avaliabel food if you can call it that they are kept in darkness without contact to others in some places they sleep in their own muck is this way nobel athletes loved by their "owners" should be kept is this what they deserve for their loyal winnings. ears hacked of tied to a tree in the woods. It happens all too often to these loving gentel souls. They are discardes as trash when they slow down they can no longer win the money they did before do they deserve to be killed for their loyal service do they deserve to be abandoned, to be shot with a captive bolt pistol do they deserve to be hung, drowned, electrocuted and exported to fates unknown. If you ask them look at their gentel faces what you see there is dispair what they all want to do is trust and love regardless of what they have been subjected to they deserve better. This is how I ended up with three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet. No I alert others to their plight and the plight of the Spanish galgoes if you want to know too then this is the place to go. this is where you will learn what I fight against this where you will see what i am trying to say this is where you too can make a diffrence without a penney to your name this for all of us who are opposed to cruelty and mistreatment thanks for sharing the above experience with all of us here. Keep up the good work.

It horrible the excuses people make when they neglect or abuse animals. I've seen far too little care or respect for animal life.

I agree. some people are sick jerks. but still, don't believe every story you hear, some of the storys are just a hoax meant to scare people. but sadly, most of them are true.

Yep, to call these "people" animals would be an insult to animals - they make my blood boil!!!

That really ****** me off, when people describe humans as animals in that way, like you say, a big insult to animals.

If I hear stories like that I get the extreme urge to go and do to these people what they do to animals! I think there's nothing more disgusting in the world than people who treat animals that can't do anything against their fate and do not deserve it in a cruel way.