why do some people even get animals, they leave them out in all types of weather w/ out proper shelter r food. they abuse them n neglect them. there needs to be stricter laws on these animal abusers. often times they get off w/ a simple warning r a fine. its so not right. if u harm n animal u should go to jail, its no different then harming a person. that animal is just as defenseless as a child. people who harm animals r sick, weak , disgusting , worthless people who desreve to pay heavily 4 these acts. it breaks my heart to see r hear about the cruel things people do to animals.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2010

I don't have a pet as I lead a life where I don't feel able to give said pet the care and attention it deserves.Yes I like all animals but before we go on about cruelty please remember animals should be treated as the type they are and not as babies or substitute children as this is just as cruel as being brutal and can lead to problems usually of wieght but occassionally Dogs have attacked human masters for reasons they have not established said dog in pack hierarchy.

As an animal lover myself I can fully understand your feelings!!<br />
I have had dogs ever since I bought my first home,border collies have been my Dog of choice.Currently I have 2,one is 17 years old,she has been a wonderful companion,even now in her old age she gives me so much pleasure.I also have a young Collie four years old,he is full of the joys of spring.<br />
I despise Animal cruelty and I agree with you the full weight of the law should be thrown at those who abuse these innocent beings.