I Hate Crying At Movies

Call me strange, but if I know or even suspect that a movie will make me cry, I tend to avoid it, I know it sounds like a cliche, but there is enough to cry about in this world already. A lot of people find this surprising behaviour for a girl, but oddly enough, I don't like to cry!

Even when a movie is sad, it's very rarely sad enough to make me cry, call me heartless, but I just don't find things in movies that sad.

However there are some films that I thought I though I could handle and later found out that I was in way over my head! These could make even the hardest of us shed at least one tear.

Forrest Gump.

No surprises there, Tom Hanks and his amazing portrayal as the beautifully gentle, yet unintelligent Gump is undoubtedly his best performance ever. Without wanting to give too much away if you haven't already seen it, it is a film that can uplift you and make you smile one moment and make you cry like a child the next. Don't get me wrong, it is a spectacular film, with unbeatable performances from every member of the cast, but don't watch it if you are alone or already sad about something, it'll finish you off!

The Green Mile.

I know, another Tom Hanks movie, but this was truly beautiful. Michael Clarke Duncan as the sweet, gentle John Coffey, accused of the rape and murder of two children. This is a man that is the most mild mannered prisoner on the ward and someone that is afraid of the dark. He develops a kind of understanding with Hanks' character Paul Edgecomb. Doug Hutchinson as the heartless and vicious Percy Wetmore is a wonderful contrast to Coffey and his character is set off against the strange, yet kind Eduard Delacroix played brilliantly by the late Michael Jeter.

The movie contains some powerful twists and turns that will really move the audience.

A Time to Kill.

This was the first movie that ever made me cry, it is hands down the most upsetting and uplifting movie I have ever seen. Samuel L Jackson plays the father on trial for murdering the two young men that beat and raped his 10 year old daughter. If you're not crying yet, you soon would be. Raeven Larrymore Kelly gives an outstanding performance as little Tonya Hailey, the child captured by the young men, and Samuel L Jackson and Matthew McConaughey give amazing performances. Matthew is excellent as Jake Briggance, the lawyer defending Carl Lee Hailey. Samuel is great as the enraged, vengeful Carl Lee. The murder of the two boys sparks racial hatred and the reformation of the KKK. Again, this is not a movie to watch by yourself!

John Q.

When I read the synopsis of this movie in the TV guide, I had no idea exactly how powerful this movie would be. It's about a man whose son needs a heart operation, but his insurance won't cover it. Desperate for money and a solution, he holds the emergency staff and patients hostage until the surgeons agree to perform the operation. Denzel Washington is raw and emotional as John Quincy Archibald, giving, in my opinion, his best performance ever.


Again, another film where the lead gives possibly their greatest performance ever. Robin Williams gives a beautiful, emotional performance as Jack Powell, the boy born with the (fictional) aging disease Werner syndrome. An outcast at school, Jack relies on his mother Karen Powell (Diane Lane). When Jack is eventually accepted, he begins to finally have the life a 10-year-old boy should have.

Williams is absolutely spot on as the childish, cheeky and sometimes scared Jack, keeping you emotionally connected to him throughout the whole movie.
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May 23, 2012