Cyber Bullied And Harrassed By A Faker

I am blazikenowen, my name is Owen Connick and I have been bullied and harrassed in real life and online by a guy by the name of Scott Tarpey his username on here is Neaemo4eva and im pretty sure you have read his lies claiming I "cyber bullied him" this is lies and slander as he always does and its been going on for months now, one day him and a friend I will call D came round to see me since I am disabled and cant get around to much due to twisted legs which I have had since birth. I talked to them and have never been horrible to them that exact day upon leaving my house Scott decided to call me a crippled f*** and left with D, D told me later that Scott had been saying alot more to after leaving so I confronted him the only way I could online asking why he was being like that in which he had a friend of his lets call him K harrass me and give threats in which I told K to p*** off as he wasn't involved and had nothing to do with it in which K claimed I had hacked his facebook account which I hadn't because I cant hack apparently Scott had told him I did later on Scott started to harrass me on facebook and tagged even to the point on facebook of twisting the meaning of my jokes to friends and turning one friend against me then he started putting lies about me on here in which D alerted me to so again I confronted Scott he then prevented me responding to his stuff and started putting more lies claiming I was now giving death threats and all other lies people even believing these lies I and a few friends had his lies and account removed but he had remade it and putting even more lies up, its sad how a friend can become a bully out of no where and for no reason and how they can lie and slander you without any guilt but there's my story for you all.
and I support anti bullying of all kinds
blazikenowen blazikenowen
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I was born to a Christian family. I was born in 1986. I am twenty eight years old. Well I was born on the west side of the United States. I am used to the red neck kids and family. People made fun of my accent. I am used to the head banging boys that go to concerts to smoke illegal things there. I am used to partiers abd druggies that we used to hang out with. I am used to nosh pits. I took a trip to see my boyfriend. He lives on the east part of the United States. East side people are not use to head bangers. When I was four years, my mom took me to a knowledge test. I had a learning disability. I was in a resource room all through my school years. I had trouble with math and English. My brother was good at math, so he helped me with math. I was never good with numbers. I had to go to speech class because I was not good with my A's. I never wanted to go school because the children teased me the way I looked and they teased me the way I talked too. The children would not stop. In fifth grade, they would make fun of me because we were watching a movie about this guy that was getting a glass eye and they said that is like you because you have a learning disability. They talked about how I talked. The teasing and harassing would not stop at school, so I would make excuses not to go to school. They would write stuff on my hand and laugh at me because it was a sick joke to them in middle school. In high school it got worse for me. They would make fun of me. I was dating a guy and they found out stuff and teased me about it because they knew I was a goody to shoes. They would be embarrass me in high school because they found out stuff about me. I wanted to kill myself when I was ten years old because my mom and I were not getting a long and I wanted to kill myself, when I was with my abusive boyfriend too. The end.