I Really Do Hate Cybersex!

I can't see the point of cybersex, well obviously I can from a man's point of view (manhood in hand and off they go with their one-handed typing!). Personally I prefer the real thing. Apart from anything else I have NO imagination so if someone asked what I was wearing I would have to tell the absolute truth.... jeans, t-shirt, socks.... lol NOT very sexy and probably not what they are after!!

I have no problems with people who enjoy cybersex, all men are perverts potentially, they can't help it... it's in their genes (not their jeans, although...) and I have no probelm with women who also enjoy it, I know there are some out there - the others are just men pretending to be women in order to get off (strange but true!). I personally do NOT enjoy cybersex, which comes as a shock to people who see I post pictures etc, but there you are!

notahappybunny notahappybunny
41-45, F
1 Response May 7, 2010

yeah i hate men who request u to add saying tht they wont get into cybersex but a few hi hello xchnages and lo ! they ask what r u wearing ? realllly hate such men...