FDA Finds New Medical Issues Caused By Cymbalta

I have been on Cymbalta for a few years since it debuted. In the beginning It worked great to help me out of my temporary depression after losing my father suddenly and then my job I loved. However, it is expensive and not covered by most insurances so the pharmaceutical company conveniently provides assistance to keep you on it. Thats all good and well if you're doing well on it but I developed gastrointestinal problems so severe that I was in the ER a few times, had several tests run. and finally found a doctor who at least figured out what was happening to me. However we didnt know the cause so he told me I would have to be on pain medication and anti spasmodics for the rest of my life until I found out that the Cymbalta was causing all this internal pain. So he tried to wean me off Cymbalta and to our surprise all the internal probs disappeared BUT after just 2 months being off it, I mentally crashed with severe depression symptoms and went back on, but at a low dose, of Cymbalta.

Then we tried weaning again once after 3 weeks being back on it, and after I was mentally stablized, I tried using an all natural supplement to ease with withdrawals but it didnt work and I had to take it again. I'm going to suggest we try a different antidepressant because after going on the FDA's website and reading studies and complaints with people on Cymbalta after its debut and they've now discovered several people are experiencing what I have.  Gastronintestinal, Disgestive Disorder, Enlarged Colon, Urinary Retention. These issues stumped my physician and I but after I did alot of research online I found out it WAS in fact the Cymbalta causing all of my internal problems. Once I was weaned off Cymbalta, all those problems stopped. However, stopping the Cymbalta was/is worse then me coming off pain meds in my past.  The worst withdrawals I feel are the unexpected crying, and agitation and no motivation and wanting to just stay in bed being worse then the original depression symptoms.  The doctor has me trying Wellbutrin XL now instead of the Cymbalta so we'll see how that goes.
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I hope you'll find something to help you. Cymbalta actually helps me because I have a severe brain imbalance, but when I miss a dose, I can see how MEAN this drug can be with brain zaps and "swoooshing" in my brain when I turn my head. I guess I wanted help so bad I didn't get any of the side effects you're talking about. God Bless!

i hurt my back in a car accident. I have a herniated disk in L5 and L4, two torn disks, and server sciatica. The pain is so bad and one doc said it was perexsisting from the accident to which I say BS. I was in perfect condition before this happened. Anyway they want me to take this drug for the nerve damge and I was scared so I came here to see what others thought. I'm so glad I didn't do it. Its sitting on my bed stand right now. I had taken Wellbutrin with bad results, like being scared for no reason and other strange symptoms. I'm really glad I came here and I'm sorry this happend to you.

I have been taking Cymbalta for just a week and already I have had vomiting like nothing ever in my llife, sever indigestion and feel worse than before I went to my GP......why is this prescribed when it clearly has such nasty side-effects. I do not know what to do.....do I suffer with the sicknes (the worry being that I am throwing the medicine back up) or do I stop and give in.....I can't keep going back to my GP.....it's a funny old life isn't it.<br />
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Oh my gosh!! Finally, someone else! I too ended up with unexplained pancreatitus, hospitalized for major gastro problems. lots of specialists......I had two surgeries to try to fix my billiary system that was now messed up. I still have vomiting and uncontrolled bowels. Cymbalta made me suicial, parinoid, more anxious, angry and a completely different person. Now I am left with all the stomach problems 2 yrs later.thank you so much for your post<br />
thanks you<br />