Cymbalta I Hate Your Guts!

I took Cymbalta(EVIL KILLER DRUG) for one year for depression,I stopped taking it because it was making me feel high and I stayed up for days.I stopped taking it on, August 1,2010 by Aug 5, I was crazy,I talked out of my head,I hated everyone,I left my husband and baby,I stayed gone for days not knowing what I was doing,I spent 1000's of dollars and don"t remember doing it.I ended up in the hospital having bad panic attacks and flipping out, they did nothing to help,now I have a 5,000 dollar bill.I still have nightmares I wake up sweating bad,I have no energy and very bad anxiety,sometimes I cry ALL DAY LONG and I want to die,Its been 5 months and I still feel like crap and I hate myself. PLEASE HELP!!!! DOES THIS EVERY GO AWAY?
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Cymbalta may be one of the worst drugs on the market. Lilly and every doctor who prescribes it should be put out of business. All the marketing about "Cymbalta can help" is garbage. I tried the cold turkey route and it was and is a living nightmare. I have exchanged messages for almost 3 weeks and the overwhelming consensus is to reduce off of the drug. if you have been off the drug for months as you indicate, while this may sound like a contradiction, go back on, at least a 30 mg dose until the crazy symptoms start to decrease. I'd seriously recommend that if you were on 60, not to go back to that level. You should start feeling a small change for the better after about a week to 10 days. If you do, stay on that dose for about 30 days. From there you have two options: start taking one dose every other day for at least 2 to 3 weeks. If your symptoms continue to stabilize, then go every 3 days for 2 to 3 weeks and keep this pattern up until you're off the drug. The other option is that once your stabilized on the 30's get a script for 20mg capsules and follow the same weaning process. In addition drink as much fluid, specifically electrolyte drinks and water as you can tolerate on a daily basis. The fluids will eventually help flush the drug residue from your body and brain. Absolutely no soda. Finally get a magnesium supplement and a high quality cold water fish oil that has a high concentration of Omega 3. There is no cure. However, from what I've read and received from others in the same boat, this is the best and safest way to get off the drug. Last thing. It is not you, it is the drug. Keep telling yourself that and learn to believe it. Cymbalta may be one of the worst legal drugs on the market. I'd say that the information from EJ Lilly and the FDA is crap because they minimize the bad effects. Good luck.

I took Cymbalta for awhile (when it first came out on the market), and it basically made me a psycho b!tch from I moved on to another antidepressant and became as "normal" as I ever could be.<br />
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I am sorry for your extreme reaction...drugs are a weird thing...they affect different people differently. I was on Propofol for one week (drug induced coma), and I have not been the same person since (severe, treatment-resistant depression).<br />
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Have you tried another doctor? I know that doesn't help much, but I just wanted you to know that I can sort of, kind of relate...