My Journey Into Hell And I'm Still Trying To Climb Out ....

My Family doctor added cymbalta to my meds and I don't know how long it took not very long and as my husband puts it I changed in personality, he didnt know what to do and I didn't see it because of the meds. There's alot I dont remember about my life while on the cymbalta, I developed skin problems about six months in and developed blisters and open sores on my skin mainly on my face but all over my body as well, as I look back with a somewhat clearer mind I feel my doctor should have caught the signs of a very bad side effect of cymbalta the blister on my nose at one point looked so bad my boos sent me home and I immediatly called my doctor went to see him and was told I must have bured it (my nose) and not known it and it had gotten infected. My face would feel like it was on fire like a sunburn and My doctor totally dissmissed it as acne, or exama or it some how was my fault. He even insisted I had scavys even though no one else in the home had any problems, the ointment he gave me made my skine burn but never took away the sores. Mean while at home Im becoming more and more a stranger to my husband and kids I hurt them so much and I couldnt believe the things that came out of my mouth I was mean, and had horrible outburst of anger for something as silly as leaving a glass on the counter I could go on but I hate even thinking about all the bad things that happend to me and my family because my doctor missed the warning sighns and I didnt know about them, I asked if it could be my meds many times and was told no and made to feel like I was nuts! I had a grandmal seizure on 8/11 and was taken by ambulance to the hospital and no one could agree what caused it one doctor said drug interaction but the neurologist and my family doctor said epilepsy because thats what my eeg showed of course I was still on cymbalta and they added kepra for epilepsy. I had to resign my job in March 2012 because I "couldn't keep up" and had missed to much work and it would be best I resign instead of being let go. I no longer take any meds but I no longer trust doctors either. After all was said and done my doctor dissmissed me from his practice when I started to come out of the fog. My husband begged my to quit all the meds for just awhile and see what happens and he was right things arent back to the way they were befor Cymbalta. I no longer trust any doctor and cant bring myself to go to another Im in pain everyday and according to my last eeg I dont have epilepsy but niether do I have normal brain activity. I have medical issues but the one doctor I went to after being dissmissed from Dr.B and I say Doctor with contempt (for him). She the new doctor came in the room after I waited almost 1/2 hour and started yelling at me that she will not give me any never mind I didnt ask or say anything to this person and because of what the doctor who almost killed me and abandon me when I started to question his judgement (his words not mine) put me on some kind of black list for drug seeking pateints list, and not to perscribe pain meds to me. Well the jokes on them I no longer take anything stronger thana bare asprin. It hasn't been easy or fun but I did the one of the hardest things ever I no longer live for the end of the month for my meds.... But I still suffer from the side effects from the cymbalta I forget what Im doing alot I lose my balance I have moodyness and feel betrayed and alone all because I did what MY DOCTOR SAID. Im not feeling well been told I need a hysterectomy but when I went to my obgyn she treated my very coldly and said she wouldnt give me anything for pain. Mind you I didnt ask, and when she said she didnt know how she would be able to control my pain after the surgery...well Ill opt not to have the surgery if thats how she feels, didnt inspire confidence in me to have someone cut into me...ya know I want to apologize if this is out of order my thought process doesn't work the same anymore. I cant work Im very accident pron anymore and have a lot of trouble concentrating. Thats my story. at least some of it. thanks for listening.
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Nov 27, 2012