I Read Your Stories...

WOW!!! I think I've been on cymbalta for longer than any of you, though...I started it when it came out...cvs didn't have it, yet. I was on it for over 12 years. In very high doses. The maximum reccommended is 60 mgs and I was taking 120 mgs. I have some mental illness, only no psychiatrist can agree on what I have. But I've been battling depression since grammar school. Ive been on every anti-deoressant - except pristiq which wasn't out, yet. Only the first anti-depressant worked, zoloft, and it worked for 7 years. Some meds made my depression worse...effexor for instance, and it gave me withdrawl symptoms...a few months ago I stopped all psychotropic medications and you9 know what? I'm exactly the same.
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Jan 15, 2013