Date Prep Time -- You And Me.

Getting ready for the date - me:

1 hour searching though my closet for a decent outfit.
1/2 hour showering and washing hair
1/2 hour shaving legs, underarms, lady parts
45 minutes applying makeup
15 minutes geting dressed.
30 minutes picking out shoes
15 minutes checking self in mirror
1/2 hour moving keys,l ID, money, etc. to evening bag

Total prep time: 4h., 15m.

Getting ready for the date - you

2 minutes -- put on flip flops
30 seconds -- walk out door.

Total prep time: 2m., 30s.

LeslieCat LeslieCat
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

When getting ready for a date have you ever got so nervous and excited for it that you peed in ur panties a little bit

Sounds like to me your problem is you. Its totally fair. Why go through all that stuff knowing you're most likely not going to be able to sustain that routine. Makes absolutely no sense why it takes you over 4 hours to get ready. I try to avoid women who take an extremely long time to prepare themselves.

Hey skip all that garbage... Shave your legs and then throw on some sweats. 15m 30s.

Then come to my place so I can rip them off you and spank your cute little ***.