So Painful That It Started With a Trip to the ER

So, in my youth, as with many of us, I was young, dumb, and a bit of a pushover.  I thought I was just easy going, but really, I let some girls walk all over me.  I have since learned my lesson, so now this story is hilarious to me.

So, in high school, let's face it.  I was a geek.  I was in band, was into Star Wars, didn't drink.  But somehow, I managed to land myself a girlfriend who was a cheerleader and ballet dancer (and very hot).  We dated for about 4 months.  I was a junior in high school, and she was a senior.  We had made plans to go to prom together, the tux was ordered, the corsage paid for.  Well, 2 weeks before prom, she dumps me.  In the midst of breaking up with me, she had the nerve to ask me if I would still take her to prom.  I reluctantly agreed, mostly because I thought *maybe* she would change her mind.  Then, as a joke, she told me she didn't want to hear about me ending up at Jenny Ed (a hospital with a large mental ward in our area).

So, the next week went as usual, but during the weekend I started feeling sick.  Friday night I woke up with such a pain in my side that on my way back from the bathroom (a 10 foot walk), I passed out on the floor.  When I came to, I climbed back into my room and passed out again.  When I woke up, I was hanging half on my bed and in total agony.  I woke up my parents and we rushed into the emergency room.

The hospital was convinced it was my appendix and they doped me up on 2 doses of morphine (the maximum legally allowed) because I was writhing in agony.  There wasn't a surgeon on call, and they couldn't reach the backup, so they had no choice but to put me in an ambulance and zoom me off guessed it.  Jenny Ed.

Well, I was in so much pain that when they stood me up for the x-rays, I was passing out.  The did all their little tests, and it was a viral infection.  I ended up having to stay overnight and went home on Sunday.

Well, when I got to school on monday, of course, the rumors were already flying about me having a mental break down.  I was still in tremendous pain, moving very slowly, and now I had to defend my sanity on top of it.

Well, Prom weekend came, and I was still in a lot of pain.  I thought about calling it off, but my parents spent the money on my tux, and my only option was to stay at home, alone, bored.  I figured I'd at least have a little fun with my friends, so I went.  And took my ex girlfriend.

Well, I spent most of the night sitting around because it hurt to walk and move.  My ex got pissed at me because I wasn't dancing to the thong song, or whatever was popular then.  So, I told her I'd dance one slow song, and I did, and then I took my buddy and we went to the auditorium and hid for the rest of the dancing part of the evening and hung out. 

So, my junior prom was spent in pain the entire night.  Her parents were having an after prom party, and her house was like a 20 minute drive away, where as I lived like a minute drive from the school.  I sent her off with someone else, went home, and went to bed, rather than endure one more minute of agony.

SpiritualFighter SpiritualFighter
26-30, M
Feb 14, 2010