Daylight Savings Time really throws me off.  It seems silly that adjusting the clock one hour forward should cause such a tremor in my daily living, yet each time it happens, I get insomnia and feel a touch disoriented.  


I don't see the value in it really -- unless one is a golfer.


If I were King of America, I'd banish this ridiculous game of playing with the clock from all the land. 

juan1966 juan1966
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5 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I vote we keep it on Daylight Savings Time all year round... I hate the changes, too! Here's hoping the prophecy shall be fulfilled and we will be victorious! As long as no one gets hurt... ;)

Which is wonderful; I commend you Maximus for your valient efforts. However, let it be known that should the gods bless our cause with victory before the Time oppressors move the clock back in the Autumn, we shall forever remain on Daylight Savings Time. The hands of those that mess with Time shall be forever bound from doing so, no matter the season.

Tis madness!

Especially in the spring. I'm feeling the havoc in my rhythm today.

That one hour in spring and fall raises havoc with our natural rhythm.