I Hate Dead Beat Dad's Or Mothers

I dislike  deadbeat parents . this blog is not ment to  effend or hate on men , I am only speaking from my life and what my ex has done to his daughter  most men are good men ,. I did what was right for my daughter and i will not apologies for doing what was right for her .i worked for min um  wadge and went to school to better my self . now iam a published author. but at the time i worked to get my education . he refused to get medical insurance for our daughter , he had the money to pay at least half thats all i asked him i told this to the judge . my daughter had to ware uniforms so i asked him to pay half or every other year him get what she needed , i told him take her our get what she needed i took myself out of the equation . i didnt ask him for the money . he should take her shopping for school uniforms and school supply  . he didnt want to see her i had to call him begging him to see her . forget the christmas gifts and forgotten birthdays . she only wanted to see him . he moved on and would support the new girlfriends kids but no his own child .

ex for your children’s rights there are women too that are bad dead beats its not only men its women too. This isn’t about you that are reading this but please fight for what’s best for your child . you as a parent have rights even men as parents have rights . feel free to copy this and take it to a lawyer you can go after her social security checks if she owes child support . so men take notes ask a lawyer can you go after her social security checks you can its income! Make this about the child and not you fight for your child support. And if the mothers got the kids and doing pills or drugs or had gotten arrested use her arrest record to take your children after all your keeping your children safe ,just because a woman has given birth doesn’t make her a good parent some are bad parents as well as men . but please don’t play games with the courts time by calling the police and giving false info on oh he hit me and calling social services for the wrong resins . but if he’s  abusive the kids or she is do the right thing for the kids . I  am so sorry for all those fighting for their kids and they have a ex that makes false statements to the police for fake domestic violence reports ,it’s a crime  to make a false police report . its wrong . if you’re a real dead beat parent you desirve to go to jail, if your paying child support and getting to see your children you’re a good parent!! know that not all cases are this bad or parents are this bad. i did what i had to for my daughter . no parent should keep a child from the other parent its breaking the law keeping the child from the other parent.
 keep a journal of when you do and dont get to see your child and keep written down every time she or he breaks the judges orders ,like if your
to get the child on week ends and she or he doesnt let you see your child take him or her back to court for comtempt and get your lawyer to fight for your rights fathers has rights too as well as the mother .fight for your rights as a parent.


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So sad to know that some people's behaviour is that poor!

Well Lunnas I can see some of your points but it is your violence and hate that scares. me. I ws accused of being a deadbeat father, by my ex and her lawyer.<br />
They children where told that and unfortantly I havent seen them in six years becuase of this. That bad thing about this was I was making full payments actually I <br />
pay ahead. We my ex who sounds a lot like you and her lawyer wrongly told child support services that I had not paid, they systmeatically clalled and threaten my mother thinking I was living with her and sent notices and had the police come to the her residence. Problem was that I was not evn in that country (canada) I was living in the US. Finally reaching me the required paperwork validating that payments yes had been made and it was all a mistake. Well it was a horrible mistake actually,<br />
my mother died from a stress induced stroke, and my children ae severley alienated and now I have to return to court to get enforced counselling.<br />
Your right I guess in this case the deadbeats got whatthey deserve, my mother certainly did. I going to print your comments and give it to the judge.

I was only speaking of what i went threw fighting for childsupport and the battles i went threw with this man theres so much that i didnt say . i am sorry if you feel like what i said was wrong but let me be clear no all desirve what they get . I dont know what you went threw and I am sorry for what you went I really am. but you dont know the the pure hell he put me threw i am only speaking of him and him only there are good men like you out there ,ive married a good man hes adopted my daughter hes such a good man he was a man that was beaten by his exs 2 wives.but all that i went threw for my daughter a child he didnt want , i fought for her and her rights thats why i won every time i went to court with him. he refused to follow the law he didnt want my daughter to eat should she starve? i worked and went to school to get my education . i wrote the blog to vent my feels of dispare . dont judge me to harshly i dont hate the man i never did . i didnt like the abuse he put me threw and our daughter threw . unless you have walked in my shoes please try to understand i had to fight for my daughter he was a violente man she was so much biger than i was .you are a good man if you take care of your children dont take my blog personally its not about you its only about my ex .i followed the law i never had him arrested for rapping me or beating me but his daughter deserved to eat and have a place to live I dont know if your from the usa or not but women in the usa dont get half the pay men get for the same work they do. when a women leaves a man or gets out of abusive marrage the woman makes half the wadges a man does . so i will re edit my blog not all dosirve what they get . sorry if this has effended you I am really so sorry . not all men are bad .

you should keep a copy of all your payments when you pay childsupport keep everything show it to a judge if your following the law and shes breaking the law get her put in jail . if shes harrissing you and breaking the law turn her in . i had the law on my side i never did any thing like what your ex did to you.you didnt desirve what she did , i was only speaking about my ex not you. I am sorry for all you have been threw with your ex. i only did what was right for my daughter . most cases are so diffrent there are good fathers and good mothers

WOW....@ lookingforwill...I am so sorry you, your children, and your mother were the victims of an obviously mentally ill person...My understanding of the phrase "DEADBEAT PARENT" is one that refuses to pay child support or one that through abusive, callous actions and/or words harms the quality of care and involvement of the other parent in the child's life...a deadbeat is not just a monetary label...that parent is with holding a vital and necessary element (money, love, freedom to love the other parent etc.)that would normally just be a given in a child's everyday life. no child should ever have to hear a single bad word spoken about either of their parents...My ex abused me, doesn't pay the support, and taunts me about that fact as if it is me he is hurting...and yes I truly do HATE him...but I never vent those feelings in front of, in the same house as, or even within a 5 mile radius of our 2 children...to do so in my opinion is child abuse...I do hope when you go into court that the judge looks at all the evidence of and can see the obvious verbal and emotional abuse and alienation of parental affection she so heartlessly inflicted upon all of you and throws the book at her legally...My prayers will be with you...and I hope in time your children come to see the truth of all these lies ...never give up hope :)

well update on the dead beat x dad as of april 27,2009 gregorys still paying $46.08 on the back childsupport , my husband donald on April 27,2009 adopted my daughter . greg thought he would get out of paying the back childsupport . guess he will nickel and dime it till he dies . whats really sad is his brothers x wife and his frist cusion shes paying his back childsupport . hes shaking up with her . i do respect her for paying his back childsupport ,but shes a fool paying his back childsupport . well iam putting all this in my second book the shades of grace 2 .

What an inspiring story...its a shame the judges in North Carolina don't act this way. They let the deadbeats get away with paying nothing with no punishment whatsoever. It makes me sick!

Oh Lunnas, thanks for the Hope! I am trying so hard to hang in there!<br />
It just seems God wants to cook in a crock pot right now, and I want Him to pop this into a microwave for my kids and me.

thanks for rating the story

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WHOOT!<br />
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I hate dead beats- but i love seeing them get what's coming to them.<br />
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I agree dead beats suck ...My ex husband thought he would duck out and reappear when the kids were 18! He said he came back for the family he left behind, My kids told him we are not your family Joel is our father .