Makes Me Want To Destroy Things.

I just love it when dead beats come up with all sorts of excuses and apologizes as to why they are not an active role in their child's life.

Not only do I go through this personally in dealing with my daughter's biological father but now my best friend is dealing with it as well and it's the same story. I've heard it before because I live through it already.

Once upon a time I was 14 years old and there was this boy I liked a lot. We had unprotected sex and weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Oops.
Pregnancy will not hold a failing relationship together if anything it will completely destroy, and so it did on my part anyway. He hated me for leaving him and decided that since I wasn't with him he wanted nothing to do with our child. Fine whatever, stay out of our life but I'm still getting you for child support. I mean, he wanted the baby when we were together... but when we break up he starts doubting the child is his and wants me to get rid of it? Uhhh don't think so.
After she's born he sees her. A few months later we are debating getting back together, I decide it's best if we don't. He drops out of her life again. A year later he pops up for about 2 days...then gone again until a few weeks ago.
During all that time I eventually filed for child support because I realized I didn't need to do this without him. I wasn't a ****, I didn't sleep around so the paternity test proved what I already knew. Originally he was made to pay $44.88 a month. WHAT THE ****. Seriously? I know people who have to pay $600 a month, I'm not saying he should pay that much but less than $50 a month? Really? And then before he even pays that it drops down to $22.44 a month because he decides to have another child with someone else. Oh and did I mention he can take care of this one but still wanted nothing to do with his first born daughter all because he had a grudge against me?
After that I start getting messages from his girlfriend about wanting to include my daughter into their daughter's life even though my daughter's father still wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. How is that fair? Could you just imagine the family reunion where my daughter can talk to every one else BUT her own father? It came down to his girlfriend just wanting to be able to sleep easier at night, she said she didn't want her daughter to grow up resenting her because she never told her about how she has a half sister out there somewhere. -rolls eyes- She also admits to me that the reason why he didn't want to see my daughter was partly her fault because she was jealous over me! WHY? I hadn't been with him for years! There was no reason to be jealous at all! But now she wanted to make things right. Whatever.
Skip ahead several months and... big ******* surprise... they break up. So what happens? He starts talking to me and apologizing, asking if he can see our daughter. It's only been, what... nearly 5 years since he has tried to make any contact with her. Do you understand how awkward it was at Domestic Relations getting the paternity test and he wouldn't even look at his own child and now he wants to suddenly play daddy?
It's not like I have kept him a secret from her. She knows but doesn't understand, she doesn't want to see him. Why? She doesn't know him or understand exactly who he is. And that's understandable, he abandoned her before she was even born.

So now my best friend is going through the same crap, ******* dead beats.
CuteInChaos CuteInChaos
18-21, F
May 14, 2011