$2.00 A Month Child Support And He Is 6 Months Behind

I recently got married to a wonderful man who has been supporting the children that are not his, minus food stamps. The state has now taken my food stamps and is not raising my child support, nor are they making him pay his back child support. At $2.00 a month what can be done with that amount??? It is also his right by law to have his kids 2 times a month and I can not doing anything about it. Any suggestions? Getting a lawyer is the only way I can get into court and we can not afford that. I was thinking getting a petition going to make the state tell the dead beat dad "Start paying" and not make the step-parent responsible for the children. My husband doesn't mind paying for the kids but the state won't let him adopt the kids even though the dead beat dad has been in and out of prison 6 times and doesn't contribute to their 50% of care per our divorce agreement.
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1 Response Apr 27, 2012

What do you expect to hear? You need to find a job and realise you made your bed. You talk about your kids as if they are a burden and not a gift.