Three Kinds

Everyone knows the one that run out. What about the ones that claim they are so poor. They have to have food stamps and welfare money. But they have money for their ******* dope and booze. And **** on that I came from a broken home or it's a sickness bullshit. You're a bum. That takes care of the poor. The middle-class is no better. Claiming it takes both to working to raise kids. You want kids as a status symbol. You use schools as a babysitting service. You don't take time to get involved with your kids. Using that I have to work excuse.
Bullshit. And these sorry excuse of mom. Don't even leave the hospital with the baby. Yet looking in the yellow pages for a daycare center. If you cannot afford to have a kid on one parents income. Then you can't afford to have children. Then DON'T HAVE THEM. YOU'RE NO better than the drunk or junkie parents. Because you don't have a clue. What kind of trouble get into when your not around. Oh that's right! Not my little ANGELES. BULLSHIT. You're too busy working to be a real part of their life. You're nothing more than a partime parents. What a joke. And
Rich people are no better. All kids are to them is a tax credit. They get so wrapped up making that Almighty
dollar they leave their babies in their cars to die on a hot summer day. America is too lax on rules for having kids. But are among the top for child abuse. I fought against China's communism. But at least they have one good thing. You have to prove you can provide and be able to support and afford a child. If not you're not allowed to have them. And one parent MUST STAY HOME to raise that child. There is none of that part time both parents working BULLSHIT.

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Nov 27, 2012