"hi, I Lose My Manners When I Go Out To Eat Because You Are My Servant"

Why do people completely forgo manners and kindness when they go out to eat? Who raises their kids and says "now, Suzie, when we go out to "XYZ Restaurant" it's okay to not use your manners, and of course have no compassion or patience for the people that are cooking and serving you. Oh, and if everything is not absolutely perfect, regardless of how busy they are, you have a right to be a complete jerk about it." I'm the General Manager of a restaurant and let me make this statement for the public........WE WANT YOU TO HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE!!!! If we mess up....PLEASE allow us to fix it. And if we are trying, a little patience goes a long way. Being REASONABLE goes a long way, using MANNERS goes a long way, and being PATIENT goes a long way.

Also....if you are a 'regular'....that doesn't give you the right to be a jerk.

It was Mother's Day today. One of the BUSIEST days of the restaurant year (beside Valentine's Day) and we have (lets call them Peter and Sue) two regulars who come in EVERY Sunday. They are demanding, lack manners, and refuse to allow anyone to take care of them except for a specific bartender. They expect bread as soon as their butts hit the chair, they do not want the butter in the packets that we serve to everyone else, they want whipped butter. They don't care if we normally serve sour cream on the SIDE of every potato, they freak out if it's even on a ramiken on the SIDE...they don't want sour cream anywhere on their plate. These demands are actually okay, most of the time we are more than happy to accommodate them, the problem is that when we are busy, they have been known to say VERY loudly in the bar (for other customers to hear) that we are not treating them 'special' enough. So, here we are tonight, Mother's Day. Their 'usual' bartender was off this evening. Two of my other very capable bartenders were working, and food was taking a little longer than normal (BECAUSE WE WERE PACKED!! There is only so much room on a grill people, sometimes your steak has to wait in line too) and as soon as Peter and Sue came in (I'm sorry to everyone named Peter and Sue...I just picked those random names) they had to squeeze into two seats at the bar. Another guest kindly asked if they had enough room and Sue says "well...you could just go move over there, and then we could that that seat"....RUDE! My other (lovely and kind) guest was so put off, after the following incident, she proceeded to tell me how rude and off-putting those guests were. The bartender already had their beers ready for them before they sat down, yet they still bitched and moaned LOUDLY enough to the entire bar that they were mad they had to wait for their food, (even though their food was not taking long at all) proceeded to talk loudly enough for the whole bar hear and said how badly everyone sucked here, they've been 'coming here 6 years and can't believe that 'this' is how they were treated" I was appalled because there was nothing wrong (except for a salad that was brought a little late) for them to be groaning about. When I asked what was wrong, this was the response "Well, this has been awful...I didn't want sour cream on my potato"  "sir....sour cream is not on your potato...it's on the side, we server them all that way..it's not on your potato"  "WELL....I wanted BUTTER with my potato" I pointed out that there was butter right there in front of them and he said "I used that on my bread, I want different butter for my potato" they proceeded to say they were never coming back ever again, to which I said "thank goodness". These people do not even look you in the eye if you say hello. I remember a few weeks ago, I greeted them when I came behind the bar to check on everyone, and said "Hey pete, how are you today" and I kid you not...he looked me dead in the eye and then looked away. Rude, ungrateful, demanding and CHILDISH individuals. If you've been going somewhere for six years and they get it wrong a few times, have a little bit of understanding. Every single one of us is HUMAN. And I DARE you to do something (that has so many variables) every day for six years and get it perfect every time.

A restaurant has MANY moving parts, and getting them all perfect is hard, and doesn't happen all the time. But basic kindness and being reasonable will get you very far.

******Being a good guest is just as important as us serving you being good at our job******* even the best server can not make certain people happy, because they are ugly and rude individuals and probably hate their own life.

HUMAN TO HUMAN KINDNESS....that's ALL I'm asking for folks!
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May 13, 2012