A Phobia Of Dentists

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my dentist to have my first set of crowns. It has taken about 8 months since I had my two front teeth extracted. And now the dentist wants to start fitting me for my crowns which I would have prefer bridges, but unfortunately our dental plan doesn't cover bridges.

I have always had a phobia about going to the dentist since I was a teenager, because as a little girl I don't remember much about seeing the dentist. But there may have been a part of me that just blocked out the memories since it wasn't a good experience. I always hated the drill just the sound of it sends shivers down my spine. When I was a young teenager I had to have a couple of my teeth extracted, because I need to wear braces on my teeth. Fortunately I was very lucky to not have to see the dentist with my braces, but when they were removed I had to start seeing the dentist again.

Fortunately there was one very good dentist that my Dad went to and he sent me to see him. The dentist who was a male dentist of course soon learned that I was just terrified of going for my regular check-up visits, So he tried something new on me. He tried self-hpynosis on me. He had me sit in the dentist chair with my eyes closed and asked me to just imagine being somewhere like a beach and although I would hear all the noises and smells, my mind would be somewhere else. I wouldn't be as distracted by the noisy drill and seeing the needle going into my mouth while he froze my mouth before working on my teeth. All he had to do was just tap me lightly on my shoulder which gave me the signal to drift off into my own fantasy world.

But now I am seeing a new dentist and still I have the urge to just close my eyes before they start to work on my teeth. Although I have informed my new dentist about having a phobia. I also take Ativan to help me relax before going, because I get extremely anxious before seeing the dentist. There was a time that I went for several years without seeing a dentist, but my husband didn't have any dental insurance back then. I just hope when I see the dentist tomorrow that it wouldn't be too uncomfortable for me, because there have been several appointments I had last year where I had to sit in the dental chair for two whole hours.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I have an appt for the dentist the first week in Oct, and I have canceled appts over and over. I take Xanax to go, but once, the combination of the 2 drugs made me pass out and I was scared before, but I am terrified now. God have mercy on my dentist, for he's a sweetheart, and knows I'm terrified. Hopefully I don't cancel again......