Dentists Make Me Claustrophobic

I know it sounds odd, but I hate dentists because they make me claustrophobic. I feel like I'm surrounded when both the dentist and the technician are working on my teeth.  Having four hands in my mouth gives me the feeling of being trapped and unable to move. I've actually have been put to sleep to get fillings done because I freaked out one time that the dentist was doing a filling.

lilbopeep25 lilbopeep25
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2 Responses Oct 16, 2006

Same thing just happened to me for the first time in my life and I'm 41. This was my 2nd visit to this dentist and I sat down to replace three worn fillings and the dentist actually was able to open all three holes but when she got ready to start on one, I strated feeling completely overwhelmed, claustrophobic and I had to jump out of the chair. I tried again in 5 minutes but couldn't continue. It took me a good 20-25 minutes sitting upright in another chair to make my way back and finish the procedure.

don't know if you're still around but having panic disorder, completely understand