It Is Getting Old

It is getting old this routine with dentists.  I dutifully brush, floss, is an almost never ending routine so that the next trip to the dentist
will be without pain.  We do all we can to never have another visit as painful as all those in the past.  But does it do any good?   Not in my experience.

How can a dentist take tooth after tooth that is not bothering you in the least, "fill" it, putting you through an ordeal, and you end up with an abscess every time?
How about three for three with my last three visits?! 

I am sure that were Dante to re-write his "Inferno" today, he would put his dentist below Julius II. 

I think they are delusional!  They are in denial that we should put up with the pain to save the teeth, but then they fail, again and again.  How do they justify putting us through all of that and then fail?  
Tuck Tuck
56-60, M
Mar 18, 2012