I Hate How Dentists....

i hate how dentists always complain about your teeth... no matter how clean they are or how staright and white they are, dentists ALWAYS manage to find something to ***** about to you. i guess it annoys me even more because its almost entirely superficial. if there was some direct link to my physical health, i would care as much... but dentistry is almost completely for looks... i mean, as long as my teeth r in my mouth and they arent hurting me, why should i care how they look?
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

How else will they get your cash?!!! They need to make you scared so you'll listen to what they say (which involves giving cash, lots of it!). The pain and trauma to the patient is a by-product.

I still don't like dental visits and I've worked for a dentist for 25 years. He never pulls a "shame on you" attitude to the patients. Glad you keep your teeth clean and they're not hurting you. If you've never had a toothache you're very lucky, because it can be misery. <br />
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But, there IS a direct link to your physical health. One patient waited too long to get help for his abcessed tooth. The infection went up to his brain and killed him within a few days. Infection can travel down your throat and block your airway. If the teeth don't bite together in the right way, it can cause terrible headaches and jaw pain...even if your teeth are perfect in every other way. <br />
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If you don't like the way you're being treated...and who would...find another dentist.